7 Questions Every Buyer Needs To Ask The HR Software Vendor

Many a time, businesses need to invest in new products and technologies or upgrade an existing one in order to grow. Now, this can be a fruitful affair only if some right decisions are made before finalizing the purchase. When we talk in the Indian context, HR software is something that has won over many hearts in the past few decades with the level of advancement that it brings to the HR operations. Yet, there is a need to be fully aware of the software before spending the money. Although the vendors give demonstrations and presentations to educate about their solutions, being specific, and taking home the most appropriate product for a brand is in the buyer’s hands.

So, when one goes to select HRMS software for an organization, it is important to ask a few questions to the seller/dealer or vendor so that there is confusion later.

Let’s have a look at 7 of the most necessary things that a buyer needs to ask the vendor while choosing HR software:

Do you know our preferences and requirements?

This is the most important question and should be asked first while buying HR software in India. For every brand, there is a different objective and persona. So, the kind of HR software that companies require differ as it depends on several factors. The choices or preferences of the employer & employees and the needs & requirements of the organization are the two primary factors that play a huge role in making the final decision. Else, the software would be a fail. 

Is it customizable and personalizable?

For a quick operation and response, it is important to be specific about each and every activity that you perform using a technology. HR professionals find it difficult to carry out tasks if the functions of the software are too generic. For this reason, it is crucial to check whether the system can be customized and personalized as per the need of the user. Modifying the software as per your requirements not only saves time but also makes the process simple and fun.

How many HR operations can be automated?

Some organizations may need the mechanization of a few HR operations while others may need all-inclusive automation. For SMEs with a low budget, only the major HR processes are required so that the solution is efficient and pocket-friendly at the same time. On the other hand, large enterprises and MNCs with a big budget require all of their HR activities to be performed using the software with almost zero manual intervention. So, it is vital to know how many and which HR processes are being automated.

Is it compatible with other systems for integration?

A system must be scalable and flexible as per the needs of the company and its customers. So, the HR software in India generally comes with the feature of seamless integration with other platforms. If one of the functions doesn’t suffice, there is always scope to add other HR systems for facilitating the operations. And if the employee base, customer base or general demands of the company expands, the HR software should be capable of integrating more systems.

How will software training be conducted?

Once you have paid for the software, there is no returning or going back in time to un-buy it. So, make sure you know what is the learning curve of the software. A good HR software is the one which is user-friendly (easy to learn and operate), but if you ask beforehand, further software training can be planned accordingly. Is a one-time walk-through enough? Who will train the employees after any upgrade in the system? Does it come with a user guide or manual, and similar questions must be asked to ensure that the software doesn’t require too much training. 

What is the price to performance ratio?

Cost-effectiveness and the efficiency of processes are two major factors for decision-making while buying HR software. As minimum as your needs are, the lesser will be the features offered in the software. So, the price should be according to the performance of the solution. As low as the price to performance ratio is, it is better for the buyer. So, before making the payment, make sure you check the P:P ratio.

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What’s new/different in the software?

Lastly, HR software in India is so common these days that almost every other company has the same kind of it. But, if you especially ask the question to the vendors, they might introduce you to a new feature that you didn’t know of. In order to grow your business faster, always look for a product that has the latest functionalities and some different features from the others available in the market.

Therefore, as easy as it may sound, selecting an HR software is a thoughtful decision and the aforementioned questions should be asked before buying one.

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