Where To Find The Best Desi Food In NY?

Desi will remain desi regardless of their progressive lifestyle or even the place they are living in. even if you are not a desi, but a foodie, you can always count on the Indian food to satisfy your taste buds.

Craving for the tikka masala, tandoori, or Dosa is natural once you have them tasted. So, if you are out there and craving for the spicy, juicy and best desi food in NY, here goes the list of the places to look for it.

1.    Ganesh Temple Canteen

If you happen to visit Holly Ave, this is your place to check out for the desi Indian food. It is reported to be the highest-rated and inexpensive restaurants out there. You can check the reviews about this eatery on different platforms including yelp, they hold quite a reputation when it comes to the savory Indian tastes. So, let your taste buds enjoy the south –Indian food at the Ganesh temple canteen next time you are in New York.

2.    NY Dosas

Dosa is one of the popular Indian foods and it is just the fabulous feast of a desi food tasting. If you are allergic to gluten, here is your gluten-free meal. They are open for the morning till and have been getting amazing reviews too. So, if you are in New York and Washington Square Park, you don’t want to miss your chance for tasty dosa. Grab yours at the right time!!

3.    Benares

It is named after a northern city in India serving the best cuisines from the subcontinent. Once you enter the place, the ambiance takes you with the element of surprise as it will have many unfamiliar dishes on the menu too. If you are not vegan, this one place can be a great choice for a refreshing and tasty meal, and do not forget the dessert. Try it even if you’re just using takeaway. Every bite is worth your time of wait and the money you spend.

4.    Dawat

If you are familiar with Madhur Jeffery, you will probably know about his creative force working at the back of this amazing restaurant. From Baghari Jhinga to the spicy mulligatawny soup, it always serves the most delicious and tasteful food for the desi cravers in New York. So, if you really want to feast, go for it and enjoy the menu filled with spicy and flavored desi cuisines.

5.    Dhaba

India is famous for its roadside food. If you have ever been there, you must know that people fall in love with such places and they hold a high value especially in the heart of any wanderer. Craving for stuffed naan, kebabs? This is the place to go. Well, there are also many other things on the menu that you might love to try anytime soon. So, if you are missing Goa, this Dhaba at the 108 Lexington Ave can be a real quick treat for you.

6.    Delhi heights

Jackson heights are one of the most visited places and also popular for various reasons. But when you are there and you haven’t tried desi cuisines from the Delhi heights, you are missing something big time. Get your Punjabi style on and you can enjoy the green mustard chive momos at Delhi heights. The charm of the place is friendly and food will always attract you back to that place.

7.    Rahi

If you want to see try out Indian Cuisine through the lens of New York, a Rahi restaurant at Greenwich Ave is waiting for you. Rahi is a Hindi word known as a traveler in English. So, if you are also the one or planning to be one, you might be fascinated by the place. It has a menu finely blended with both Eastern and Western cuisines.


Desi food will remain part of the desi people. If we say that it runs in the desi blood, it wouldn’t be wrong. Even if you are a New Yorker, still every chance to the desi food is worth your time and money. So, do not just keep trying on the bagels, it’s time to try some dosa or tikka masala for a change.

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