Top reasons why mobile apps fail to make a mark in the market?

With tons of applications, available on play stores and iTunes, businesses are competing to offer the best, but not all were able to captivate the audience. You will only see a few with thousands of views and downloads.

Stat says that 80-90% of mobile apps launched in the app stores are abandoned just after a single-use. Also, the research says that around 77% of Daily Active Users tend to lose interest in the app within three days.

This abandonment is the reason for many businesses left wondering as to what it takes to make an app success.  Discovering the mistakes of your app failure among the users can help you reprocess mobile app development.

Gartner studies reveal that in 2018, 00.01% of apps were only successful out of 10,000 apps. So you must never hurry to launch your product in the market. You must well-research the market, the user needs, what are the necessary pain points that need to be addressed, which your app can deliver, & more.

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Not just this process of mobile app development can be expensive, depending upon the quality number of features, your efforts, resources, and the time invested for planning, development, & deployment. So, to take the road to a successful app, you need to evaluate & process the mistakes that can have a negative impact on your mobile app.

Top Reasons to Address for Mobile App Failure

Problem-Solving Innovation

Having an innovative idea increases the chances of attracting customers more and more. Addressing user needs in different ways too catches the eye. But if you couldn’t manage to bring it in your features, you might lose your potential customers. You can take the support of your team and marketers to help address the pain points of the customer with a fresh new idea.

Complex Use

Your app must not force your users to have a cognitive load to communicate. Just to make your app look pretty, ingraining complexity will turn users to abandon the app. creating a simple app, with simple features and designs yet, solving a real-time problem is the need of the hour. Thus, users must be able to retrieve what they are looking for through your app.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Selling your product to the audience is the real target. After all, their buying’s is your earning, thus it is vital to assess and select the kind of audience you are targeting. Whether your product is targeting business class or meant to address the issues of a common man. Take a group of people for consideration to act as an interface. Your targeted audience must be able to connect with your app, then only can you consider your product service.

Have Adequate Features

Your app must contain the right balance of features – not unnecessarily too many, nor too little. Whatever features are necessary to eradicate the problem of your user addressing all will promote recommendations. Your audience must not feel incomplete of your app and leave the app disappointed. Thus determine the necessary features and its usability in your app. Study the compatibility of your app with different OS devices, this will help escalate the use of the app.

Deciding Upon Right Platform

With so many powerful platforms available, it may be difficult for the companies to decide a perfect platform that supports their product abruptly. For your app, you must have complete knowledge of all the platforms and their features in order to reach a wider audience. It is always favored to launch apps on major platforms like android, iOS bearing devices, thus you must be well aware of the robust, secure, & the latest technology. This will help you grow your app and prove to be crucial in today’s market.

Backend Support

Mobile App Development requires robust software for application to run seamlessly. So, solid backend support is required for the app to handle the traffic inflow and scalability. The traffic influxes can affect your business in both good and bad ways when not handled properly. With the entry of cloud technology, businesses can easily embrace better storage & support and focus on security.

Focusing On Right Marketing

One of the major aspects that can hit your business hard. Marketing your product in the right way makes all the difference. Share your product on the most popular social media platforms. You can also look for email marketing for personalized marketing. Running Ads and campaigns favor your product in captivating the right audience.

To Conclude –

Addressing user problems through your robust mobile app development is what makes a business stand out of the crowd. With adequate features, attractive UI, and easy navigation you can easily escalate your app use. Above all, an apt platform and its support are necessary too. Social media plays a vital role to market and reach the targeted audience. Social platforms also help in understanding user experience and feedback for any improvement necessary.

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