Tips for First Time Solo Travel in Japan

Japan is known to be an aesthetically beautiful, friendly, and welcoming country. If you have ever visited Japan, you know what it has to offer. From the finest beaches to bewitching forests, from cities to countryside – Japan has a lot to offer.

Years ago, solo traveling to Japan was mostly limited to office workers; or typically when on business demands. But time has changed and Japan has now become a must-visit destination for solo travelers across the globe.

If you wish to do a solo trip to a beautiful country, the first thing that you have to do is make Spirit airlines reservations. The second thing that you must do is follow a few tips by heart and soul. 

Tips for A Successful Solo Travel in Japan

If this is the first time you are traveling to Japan alone, here are a few things that you must follow. Take a look –

  • Carry Your Documents 

You are traveling to a completely different country. And you need to keep all your travel documents handy with you. When you first enter Japan, you must inform the immigration office about how long you are going to stay. You also have to provide a Japanese address and a phone number in the immigration office.

As proof, the immigration officer may also require a return ticket for your return date. All this information will be asked from you before you board your flight.

However, if in any case, you are unable to provide the above-mentioned documents or information, you won’t be put into jail. But you will be asked to attend a “special” interview session with the officer. To avoid such an incident, it is advisable to keep the documents handy. 

  • Carry Enough Cash

Japan relies on cash more than any other digital payment method. Indeed, Japan nowadays does accept international credit cards. But to avoid any hassle, it is wise to carry cash rather than to rely on cards. Mostly, because many ATMs in the country still do not accept international debit cards.

  • Remember What’s Hot and What’s Not

Japan is a land of culture. And many things are considered “Taboo” in the country. You should avoid indulging in such activities completely. While the list of Taboos in Japan is quite long, here are a few to help you out for now –

  • Remove your shoes when you enter someone’s house, spa places, traditional ryokans, and onsens. Even if nobody asks you to, you will realize when to remove your shoes once you see a shoe rack or a locker.
  • While taking public transport, do not speak on the phone. If it is unavoidable, send a message saying you will call back later.
  • While eating with chopsticks, be very cautious and do not stick it to the food vertically. In East Asia, it means offering food to the departed.
  • Never show your finger to anyone.
  • Maintain a queue.
  • If you are suffering from a cough or cold, wear a cold mask.
  • Never discuss or criticize the royal families in Japan. 


Learn A Few Common Japanese Words and Idioms Beforehand 

Although English is taught in Japanese schools nowadays, most countrymen prefer their native language more. They do understand English, but you have to be very patient and slow while speaking to them. 

You may find it difficult to understand their English accent as it is highly influenced by their mother tongue transliterates. So, when they say any English word, it might sound very different to you. For example, the word “toilet” may become “to-yee-re” or “ticket” might become “chiketo”. 

In other words, you must be willing to accept their way of speaking and deal with the same. To avoid any confusion, you should learn some easy Japanese words and phrases to help you go through the trip.

  • Know Hotel Rules

Every hotel, B&B, and homestay has its own set of rules. You must know and follow those religiously. Several hotel facilities impose a night-time curfew, especially if they are family-run ones. They will lock the facility between 2200 hours to midnight. If you are not okay with such curfew rules, book a hotel that doesn’t have one. What are you waiting for? Make your Sun Country airlines reservations!

Japan is one of the safest countries to visit. All you have to do is follow a few rules and you will be fine. So, are you excited about your next solo trip to Japan? 

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