Reasons kids love stuffed animals

Stuffed animals form a universal staple in the bedroom of any child. If a child only has one toy, it will likely be a stuffed animal. The fluffy dolls come in all shapes and sizes, from tigers to penguins to dogs to elephants, to suit almost any taste. Even in an era of expensive LEGO sets and showy electronic toys, the stuffed animals have not lost their appeal to children. The following are the reasons why a teddy bear and stuffed animal makes your kid crazy.

They encourage fostering:

Kids want a chance to play the adult after being bossed around the whole day. Stuffed animals are making perfect recipients of pretend care and education for a child. They are small, lightweight, humanoid, and compliant to perfection. To play “mommy” or “paddy” with a stuffed animal helps kids feel confident and in control. Some experts in child development say such creative play is essential for their mental and social development. Also, nothing beats the sheer awesomeness of having a ‘baby’ with a kitty face or an alligator tail when you are three.

They are always smiling:

Stuffed animals are immune to life’s let-downs. They always greet their owners with heart-warming, reassuring smiles, no matter how many times they get dropped, sat on, or left alone. Those naughty, happy faces make the world look like a better place, no matter what happens in the life of the boy. Your mother, father, or sibling might get disappointed, but a Teddy hears you out.

They offer the best hugs:

Nothing like a soft, squishy embrace chases away the blues, and it does not get warmer or squishier than a stuffed animal. Not only that, but a stuffed toy, without gasping for air, can take hugs of the greatest duration and strength.

They are easy to clean up:

Nothing is better for a child than picking up stuffed animals from the floor during playing time. The soft toys are gentle on small hands, and sometimes putting them away means throwing them onto the bed of the child. Usually, a quick run through the washing machine takes care of the work when the stuffed animal itself needs cleaning.

They are dependable:

Stuffed animals last long after most toys fell to pieces. None of the stuffed animals bend, break or dent. They do not have flickering screens, run-out batteries, or missing pieces. A child can have a stuffed animal picked up or put down at any time without a fuss. They are perfect for taking along on a trip by car or plane. If a stuffed animal rips, it can be repaired with a needle, a specific thread, and a little extra fluff. Stuffed animals are the perfect friends with their forgiving smiles, cuddly hugs, and long-lasting durability.



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