5 Things You Should Avoid While Creating an Explainer Video

According to the famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde, the experience is the name we give to our mistakes. But when it comes to video production, you simply cannot afford to make any mistake, especially when it is about explainer videos. Creating an explainer video that is capable of summing up in 90 seconds who you are can truly be challenging. You cannot go into it full-out swinging and blindfolded. Even though you can hire a good explainer video company for the work, several things need to be avoided from your end too.


Do not know what? Worry not as we have listed the most frequent mistakes you must avoid here. Just take a look:


  • Dragging it out for excessively long

In an era where everything must be entertaining, you can’t afford to be boring at all. And that is exactly how your explainer videos will feel if you go for excessively long videos. You must understand that people have a dwindling ‘attention’ span. Therefore, you cannot overstay your welcome. We also feel that avoiding this particular mistake is easy to explain but hard to master. However, you can keep the following points in your mind to keep this mistake at bay:


  • Keep your message as concise and to-the-point as possible
  • Do not make your videos more than 90 seconds long
  • Always use the typical rule of thumb – up to 150 words per minute


In simplest terms, your explainer videos will have a better success rate if you keep three simple words in your mind – KEEP IT SHORT.


  • Forgetting your targeted audience

It is a fact that you won’t sell your services and products to everyone out there. With a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality, you will only end up convinced no one and frustrated. Rather, accept that your products are relevant to a particular group of people. So, limit your attention and craft your message around your targeted or potential customers. Just check out the following points to have a clearer idea about that:


  • Use characters that behave and look like your targeted customers
  • Put them in the same scenarios just like your prospects
  • Be extremely careful with how you explain things and always use words they would use


Knowing who you are focusing on and talking with is the key to believable characters as well as effective brand messages.


  • Ignoring a good script

A good script is the ‘bedrock’ of all amazing explainer videos. It is the first but crucial step of the journey that you need to take with confidence and a clear sense. Yet, some businesses take it for granted. A well-written script with a clear message will provide your potential customers with an informative yet brief look into your business. It will define your scenarios, characters, and determine the entire video structure. Just have the following 4 crucial aspects to create an impressive script:


  • Present the issue
  • Introduce the solution through your products/services
  • Explain how your products/services work
  • Add call-to-action


With all these elements, you can make your videos effective, refreshing, and attention-grabbing that you can use to meet your marketing goals.


  • Neglecting the quality of the video

Gone are the days when an OK quality of the video was enough. Now, people won’t even pay attention to anything that is of low quality. Hence, it is extremely important for you to not to skimp on the budget of your video. The best way to look at explainer videos is to see them as a necessary investment. When done accurately, you can get new leads, improve brand visibility and awareness, and make your brand look reliable. However, you cannot get all that without the ‘high-quality’ factor. So, what is the meaning of high-quality in your opinion? Well! Perfect editing, great animation, crisp and clean sound, and professional voice are the factors that make a video high-quality. To get all these factors in your videos, you can get in touch with a professional explainer video company.


  • Sounding excessively serious

We know that you take your business too seriously but that does not mean you cannot have some fun with your explainer videos. As well have mentioned earlier that people love to be entertained, so you can try the following to spice things up:


  • Put in a ‘surprise’ at least on the expected part
  • Add an impressive punch-line
  • Do something really different or wacky for your industry


Summing Up!

So, these are the things you must avoid if you want to make your explainer videos impressive and result-driven. Besides, you can connect with a leading explainer video company to have everything needed to make your videos a success for your business.

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