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What Are Some Treatments or Cures For Optic Nerve Damage?

As the name suggests, optic nerve damage is basically a damage or injury that is caused to the optic nerve which helps to send signals from eye to brain. There are many causes which can lead to the damage of optic nerve and some of the most common causes are trauma, lack of blood circulation to the optic nerve, Glaucoma, infection and inflammation in the optic nerve, any kind of optic nerve medical condition, etc. There are some treatments which just help to stabilise eye vision caused due to optic nerve atrophy but no one that can imrove eye vision back or regenrate optic nerve cells besides this latest stem cell treatment that can regenrate optic nerve cells. So, if you are interested in knowing about the stem cell therapy treatment for optic nerve damage or atrophy and some other treatments and cures for the same then this article is for you.

  1. Stem cell therapy:

Stem cell therapy is a treatment which is conducted using healthy stem cells. The healthy stem cells can replace or substitute the damaged cells and can help to regenrate the damaged optic nerve cells and regain the eye sight. stem cell therapy for kidney disease, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, brain and spinal cord injury, autism, retinitis pigmentosa, motor neuron disease, etc. are also equally effective as optic nerve damage. Although there are no such confirm treatments for treating optic nerve damage but many researchers have stated that stem cell therapy is effective for curing optic nerve damage and many patients have seen promising results after undergoing the stem cell treatment.

  1. Eye surgeries:

Eye surgeries can also help in somewhat curing optic nerve damage. Trabeculectomy, tube shunt implantation and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries are most common eye surgeries that just help to reduce eye pressure and avoid further optic nerev damage chances. Eye surgeries are invasive but this treatment is also effective.

  1. Medications:

There are many cases where patients have got some level of recovery from optic nerve damage with the help of certain medications and there was no need for surgeries or treatments. But the percentage of the patients who got cured by only using the medications are very low. The physicians will prescribe you with medications that lowers intraocular pressure as this can more or less help in curing the optic nerve damage but no medicine or treatment available to regenerate optic nerve besides this stem cell treatment.

Now, apart from all the aforementioned treatments and cures it is highly recommended that you opt for the stem cell treatment for optic nerve damage. The treatment is minimally invasive and most importantly it is scientifically proven to be helpful for treating optic nerve damage and always induce natural healing. You can also undergo Stem cell treatment for Anti-aging if you want to treat all signs of skin aging.

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