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The Panay Region has various provinces wherein the real estate industry is dominant. Provinces such as Aklan, Capiz, Antique and Iloilo are full of opportunities when it comes to this industry. There is a high demand of houses especially in Iloilo and the way things are people tend to either rent a condominium, rent a house or buy their own house.

With the current season, Iloilo has become the booming development in the western Visayas region. There are other developers that is taking advantage of this “booming season”, some of those are Megaworld and Camella homes and we can give assurance that we can provide a door of opportunity to you reader that you can be of the same level as the big developers.

Introducing the, as a seller you tend to experience some difficulties when it comes to handling what you are providing, it is difficult to promote, it is difficult to get clients so a lot of time can be wasted, it’s difficult for people to contact you. With, it takes things on a whole new level, everything you do becomes easier to tenfold of what you regularly do.

Through the, if you applied as a seller you can do so many functions with a simple step of filling in information and clicking a button. You intended to post an ad? The website can help you with that, they will ask on what you are selling, it could be a condominium, a house and lot or lot only, apartment, memorial, land or a farm, commercial and an industrial. They will ask for a title, a name for what you are selling in order to easily attract client and then they require  the price that you want to set, it must be in Pesos because we are in the Philippines. Next you will be inputting the status of that property and what it is for, is it for rent or for sale, foreclosed, under development or you intend for preselling. Then the furnishing of the property, will it be bare, unfurnished, semi furnished, or fully furnished. The location of the property can be included as well, which barangay, which municipality and in which province. Having this information included in your ad can create value to the property you are advertising.

That is not all, in you can include the floor area of your property, you can also include other accessory details such as garage parking if there is available or not, how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms  and you can still include extra property details to entice more clients in choosing your property. Lastly you can show pictures of what it is so clients can be immersed on seeing the property even through photos.

This website is created to be a tool for those who are involved in the real estate industry, it makes things very convenient for those who will be using it. You only need to sign up and it is free just to let you know, it is free to sign up then set up your profile such as your name and contact detail and you are all set, you can post ads for your properties to your hearts content.


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