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Top Reasons to Run a Manual Antivirus Scan

Antivirus is one of the major requirements for every device. Computer technology is increasing day by day and so the threats. People install antivirus on the device to prevent all malware and internet threats. McAfee activation key provides all the essential security tools for internet threats and malware. Today most of the antivirus provides real-time scans for better protection. When you access any file on your device then your antivirus automatically scans the file and compares it with malware. If the file has any malicious content then your antivirus will remove the malware and then load your file on your disk. In case the whole file is malicious to access then your antivirus will send the file directly to the quarantine folder. If you need to access the file then you can visit your quarantine folder. Now open the file on the sandbox. If the file is secure then you can restore it. If not then you can directly remove it from your device.

Antivirus provides you both automatic and manual scans. Many antiviruses also provide scheduled scans where you can set the time and date for scanning and your antivirus will automatically run the scan. You should regularly scan your device to remove all the traces of malware from your device. But you should also run manual scans on your device from time to time. Indeed automatic scan provides a good scan but there are times when you must run a manual scan on your device. 

Whenever your device is running slow

If your device is running slow then one of the most common reasons behind slowing the device is malware attack. Sometimes strong malware can make changes to the antivirus. Sometimes hidden malware on executable files get missed from the automatic scan and then harm your device. This issue mostly appears when your antivirus is outdated. When the database of your antivirus does not have the latest signature then you may get errors during the automatic scan. So, you should always keep your antivirus up to date. Whenever your device starts running slowly then you must perform a full system scan on your device. The full system scan on the device will remove all the existing viruses and malware from your device. 

When you install the antivirus

When you install your antivirus then you should immediately run a full system scan on the PC before performing any other task on your device. The first scan on your device will remove all the existing malware on your device. If you have any viruses lurking on your device then it will get removed before executing. Once you perform the full system scan on the device then your device will become fully malware-free. It helps to build trust between you and your antivirus. After the first manual scan, you can use your device without any malware concern.

After data backup

Whenever you get a data backup; run a scan immediately. Running a scan after the backup will ensure that no virus entered the device and harm your PC or data. Sometimes while getting the backup, malware enters the data and corrupts all your files. If you run a manual scan on the PC then it will detect and remove the malware before it creates any kind of harm. If you have detected a file mistakenly and now you are retrieving it but using a data restore tool then you should run a scan. Sometimes malware enters the device with the data you have restored. Once you restore your file then immediately run a scan to eliminate all the threats.

When your device is running on low free disk space

Whenever your device is running on the low disk space then various automatic functions of the programs get stopped. Your system uses the space for performing other crucial jobs. If your device is running on low-free disk space then you have to run the manual scan for protecting your device from dangerous malware and other threats. The better option is to increase the free disk space on your device. You can add the hard disk on your device or you can remove all the unnecessary files and junk from your device. Once you free the disk space then restart your device and scan your PC. Now go to the dashboard of your antivirus and enable the automatic run feature. 

To make sure your device is fully secured

Indeed automatic scanning removes all the threats from your device. But at times like when you download and program or make any changes on your device then you should run a scan on your device. If any malware enters the device with the download then the antivirus scan will immediately remove it from your device. You should run a full system scan on your device at least twice in a month and keep your device fully protected from all the dangerous threats.

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