A healthy society can only be imagined with the presence of healthy women, says Niira Radia

The health of a nation’s citizens is one of the determining factors for the health of its economy. In addition to this, with Indian government’s aspiration of a $5 trillion economy, accessibility of equitable healthcare services is the need of the hour. Healthcare of women has long been a crucial yet overlooked aspect in the country. With women being looked down upon across various spheres of the society especially in rural areas, a large number of these women hesitate in sharing their health problems openly and moreover, speaking about health issues continues to be a taboo in many parts of India.

Thankfully, an increasing number of women are breaking the stereotypes and emerging as leaders in the healthcare industry. This has paved way for an increased accessibility of healthcare facilities for women as well. Niira Radia is one such change-maker in the Indian health care sector who founded Nayati Healthcare on the holy grounds of Badrinath Dham as a mobile medical unit. However, today, under her leadership, it has become one of the fastest growing chains of hospitals in India with its units spread across Mathura, Agra, New Delhi, Gurugram and Varanasi.

Among them is Nayati Medicity, Mathura that has been facilitating women’s healthcare through several initiatives. “Women’s health is one of the most neglected issues in the tier II and tier III regions of the country,” said Niira Radia.

She strongly believes that a healthy society can be imagined only with the presence of healthy women. Backed by her vision and leadership, Nayati Healthcare has been focusing not only on curative, but also preventive healthcare as an integral part of women health’s initiatives through Well Women Club.

It has also been reaching out to women across various communities and raising awareness about the prevalent health issues and the need to make healthcare a priority for self. While these are implemented at grassroots level, Nayati Healthcare’s large scale programs are centred on improving maternal health outcomes and enhancing quality of life in the hinterlands of Western Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

With such a visionary leader spearheading the Indian healthcare industry, the availability of a better and more accessible healthcare services especially for women is highly likely in the years to come.

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