5 Ways To Hire Moving Labor Services In 2020

Let’s not deny that hiring a moving labor company is scary. How can we be sure that they won’t break the stuff, charge more than agreed, or simply load your stuff without any attention to the detail? Fortunately, we have certain tips to recognize a genuine moving labor company. Following these guidelines, we hope you would end up moving safe and happy. Especially amidst the Covid19 pandemic that has derailed the entire 2020. 


Covid19 and the Moving Plan

One of the most debated topics of the year is ‘if moving in 2020 is a good decision or not’. Coronavirus has indeed made a strong dent in our business and life plan this year. But should we accept defeat to the virus or display the courage to face it. In our opinion, it should not impact the moving plan as things are slowly coming back to normal life. The only that you need to worry about is to follow the protocol while moving. 

So let us now move to different ways to hire moving labor services in 2020. 



  • Connect with the Local Property Dealer


The easiest and convenient way to find a reliable moving company is to connect with a local property dealer. He would have dealt with a company in recent times to move the luggage of a client. And this can help him provide honest feedback about a company. 



  • Yellow Pages Can Provide a Name


Run through the yellow pages and you will stumble upon multiple moving companies offering labor services. You can negotiate with one among them regarding the rates, services, and other aspects that concern you. 



  • Research Online


Search online and we are confident that you will come across multiple moving labor websites. Cross-check to confirm the authenticity, negotiate on prices, and finalize the deal. However, dealing with companies found online, you need to be careful about various aspects. Once confident about the company, you can go ahead with the deal.


  1. Is a Moving Labor Website Authentic?

Here are various tips to check the authenticity of a moving company you found online

  • Is the address offered online authentic
  • Can the website be easily navigated
  • Does it have a feedback section
  • Are the clients’ response positive
  • Are the phone numbers provided on the website functional
  • Are they ready to negotiate


Once you find satisfying answers to these questions, it is time to proceed ahead.



  • Suggestions from Friends


Why not ask your friends or coworkers if they have any suggestions about a moving company. In friendly chats or discussions, a name or multiple names may pop-up. There’s nothing better than mouth publicity and when you get feedback from a reliable person, there is no looking back.


Things to Note before the Final Decision

You are fine with the company. Hold on! There are certainly more things that you need to be concerned about.

  • Are they specialized to handle delicate items like glassware, aquariums, electronic products, and statues
  • How much are they willing to negotiate
  • Do they have any hidden costs
  • Are they ready to comply with Covid19 protocol
  • How many laborers will arrive at home
  • What about the packing materials


What are the Hidden Costs?

Do you know where most people go wrong while hiring moving labor? They miss out on the additional charges in the shape of hidden costs. Unknowingly, we fall in a trap and the entire moving process will become a hell-like situation. 


Some of the Hidden Cost Samples Are

  • Moving labors charge extra for carrying goods via a staircase
  • Manual transportation through a narrow passage costs extra
  • For additional packing materials, you need to shell out more


The shocking part is that the company might inform you about the same only while at the home and you feel cheated. To avoid this, make everything clear at the first go.


Covid19 Precautions at Home

  • All workers must have masks and gloves
  • Hand sanitizer should be used
  • Social distancing needs to be maintained
  • Proper sanitization of the house should be done once goods are transported


If you follow these guidelines, your moving will not be difficult as imagined. Think wise and opt for the right moving labor company to have a happy moving. 


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