Avoiding 10 common mistakes when studying in medical school

The dream of each aspiring physician is to attend one of the best medical schools in the nation (or in the world). When they graduate from there, they can aspire to become inspirational & exceptional physicians. Getting accepted into medical school is itself a great accomplishment because it is not a piece of cake.

Medical school is challenging, even if students have good grades in bachelors or pre-med. There are some common mistakes students usually make and these mistakes can be avoided. If students know how to avoid these mistakes, then they will go through medical school with relative ease.

Below are some of those mistakes which medical students often make. They can be avoided by expert advice from a graduating student attending final year of medicine at a Windsor University medical school.

No student should fall behind

Students can get overwhelmed easily when they are in medical school. They necessarily don’t have to slack around to fall behind. Balancing lectures, laboratory work, clinical rotations and balancing personal life is next to impossible for them without a doubt.

The only way students can avoid falling behind is being organized and being on top of their assignments. Cramming up lectures in the mind does not work always, but it is preferable to develop improved study habits as early as possible. It helps retain information in a much better manner. They should also relieve their stress timely.

Poor time management skills lead to disaster

During classes, clinical rotations, exams & studies; students will have their hands full in medical school. Having excellent time management skills is necessary. If students can effectively manage their time in medical school, then their medical career is in for a big surprise.

Residents have to handle multiple responsibilities like observing patients, meeting with senior residents, attending patient rounds, completing documentation and the like. Hence, they should manage their routines well without hesitation.

Students should not pretend to know everything

Even if students are knowledgeable, they need to realize you have a lot to learn. If they are a medical student, chances are you did well in college, and it made them quite confident. Being overconfident leads to arrogance.

The field of medicine is always challenging and there is always a lot to learn. The field always faces a lot of advancements daily and practical learning is a must, whether students are intelligent and perform at the highest level or not.

No students should be fooled by the fact that they know everything. Experienced physicians themselves admit they do not know everything.

They should always respect their place in the chain of command

As a medical student, students should know that they are at the bottom of the food chain. Yes, that certainly does sound bad, but it is true.

There is a hierarchy in medicine school students, and the medical director & head of department are at the top. Then come the attending physicians & fellows, followed by chief residents & residents. Medical students have the least authority.

However, it does not mean that they should be disrespected by professors, attending physicians and residents. It is helpful to realize that their opinion may not always be as valued as they believe. No medical students should be treated badly because they are human beings too and they deserve respect.

They shouldn’t be argumentative

Another mistake medical student make is arguing with either a resident or a nurse during their clinical rotations. If there is a case of difference of opinion, express it but there is no need to be hostile or turn it into an argument that can go wrong.

Students should understand that the professors, physicians & nurses medical they meet have more experience than them. Students can learn a lot from them as well as from nurses, therapists, technicians and social workers.

They all have expertise in their specialties. Learning from others can also help them become an exceptional physician.

Students should not conceal their errors during clinical rotations

Medical students can make mistakes as they are human. Making a mistake in the field of medicine has however serious implications & grave concerns. The well-being of a patient is on the line and if a student makes an error in this regard, concealing it is a temptation and a necessity.

But, in all honesty they should not hide it and rather tell their supervising authority about it. It might cut their tail in the beginning but at least their career prospects will be safe.

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