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How to Handle Anxiety Before the Wedding

The entire wedding planning is a demanding job that you need to commit to fully. Full commitment will result in the wedding of your dreams. It’s probably been a long journey and the day is finally around the corner. At first, you were excited, and now you’re slowly turning anxious. Pre-wedding anxiety is a real thing and it happens to almost every future bride and groom. Some feel it one day before while others start experiencing anxiety a few months before the wedding. In any case, we’ll give you a few tips to decrease the levels of wedding-related stress during the entire planning.

Silence your inner bridezilla

Bridezilla is a term coined to describe a particularly overbearing bride who is trying to micromanage everything, everyone, and is highly difficult to deal with.

What if it rains?

What if the caterers mix up our order?

You’re not working hard enough.

You need to work out harder to fit into that dress.

This is your inner bridezilla taking over your common sense. You’re already stressed out as it is, you don’t need to fuel your anxiety. So, mute your inner monologue and try not to focus on the what-ifs. If you can’t resist thinking of the what-ifs, try reframing.

What if the weather is simply perfect for a wedding day?

Also, don’t push yourself too hard, just take each day at a time.

Take a pause from planning

If your day is divided into the time you work, plan your wedding, and sleep, you need to press pause. And the area you need to take a break from is wedding planning. Even the professional wedding planners have the time off, so why won’t you give yourself a break? Make room in your daily schedule for normal things like talking to your friends (non-wedding topics), self-care (reading), and Netflix and chill. In other words, make some boundaries between your wedding and your everyday life. Once you implement this, you’ll be content, calm, and stress-free.

Delegate tasks

You don’t have to do everything on your own. You’re surrounded by people who’d be happy and honored to help. Make a list of tasks you can delegate to the people your trust the most. Before you actually assign a task to them, you should ask for their permission. They should be okay with helping you. They should also consider the importance of the task and the trust bestowed upon them. 

So, pick those people that are reliable and trustworthy like your mom, dad, brother, sister, and a few friends. 

For example, your dad can take care of your transportation. All you have to do is define your choice, whether it will be luxury wedding cars service or something else, and he’ll get down to it. Your sister can help you with flower arrangements while your mom can plan a kid’s entertainment. But above all, the fact that you’re under stress doesn’t give you permission to become a bridezilla. Just trust your people and their ability to complete the task.

Have date nights

Date nights are not a cliche because people tend to forget what this wedding is all about. It’s about two people, who love each other and want to celebrate that love with family and friends. People tend to neglect their loved ones during the process of wedding planning. You should focus on your relationship with the same vigor you focus on the planning. You can even go on a few weekend getaways to take a break and strengthen your relationship. You should also discuss other things besides your wedding. In a nutshell, find time for those activities that bring you closer and not grow you apart. 

Include the groom into the process

If a bride is in charge of the wedding planning, she should be reminded that the groom’s opinion matters too. Alternatively, if the broom is in charge, he should include his bride as well. Even though the second scenario is quite rare, the point is that both people have a say. Both bride and groom should take an equal part in the decision making process. Don’t let your future spouse just nod and say I’m fine with your choice. Ask additional questions that spark the conversations and the exchange of opinions. In case you don’t agree on something important, listen to each other out and don’t let it turn into an argument.


Lastly, don’t focus on it being perfect because perfection doesn’t exist. If you have unreasonable expectations, you’ll be constantly disappointed and anxious. Everything will be lovely and you’re doing a great job. So, focus on that.

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