How can a Tutor help Students in Regular Studies

Apart from the general understanding that tutors can conduct tuition to guide students, there are other ways in which tutors can guide their students. Yes, tuition is the typical way and this is largely helpful due to many reasons. Students can uninhibitedly clear their doubts with their tutors and this enables them to move on with more advanced topics with clearer understanding. One on one tutoring is extremely effective in guiding students with a good amount of supervision and this means progress would be tracked closely.


So, let’s take a look at exactly how (in detail) tutors can help students with studies…


With tuition teachers, there is a convenient option of revising topics that seem a little challenging. Students can request their online english tutor to reteach some topics without any inhibition and specifically tell their tutors as to which concept within a topic seems to be tough for them to internalise. That way, students will have a clearer idea as to what is going on. Revising topics is an extremely important thing to do because without that, information cannot be internalised easily and students would tend to forget the important facts during examinations.


Tuition teachers would make it a point to get their students to practice questions to get them to apply their knowledge and think critically. Tuition teachers with their years of experience of teaching would know what resources to tap in order to train them the most effective way.


Say for example, a student who is doing H2 A level Mathematics is good at the topic probability may not be good at solving questions from the topic of permutations and combinations. Hence a good tuition teacher would know that the best way to push the student’s grades up would be to first give practice questions that targets the weaker subjects; then move on to giving entire mock exam papers to give an overall trial to see if there is progress.


The biggest advantage about home tuition is that tutors would be willing to keep their schedule a little flexible in order to accommodate extra sessions if the students need. For example, when exam season hits students, they can request their tutors for some extra sessions in order to revise for the national exams. Those national exams are the major checkpoint and gateway to step into the next phase in the learning journey.

Extra Sessions

Why are national exams stressful for students?

It is the sheer uncertainty that anything might go wrong during the examination and students at times doubt themselves as they might feel that they are not as prepared as they could be. The feeling of being unprepared can take a toll on students’ confidence and this can cause extreme stress and feelings of insecurity. 

This is why having a tuition teacher guide along the way can be such a great support and students would be more confident to deal with their exams. Should students fear exams, they would not be able to perform well in questions that they are even familiar with.


A major part of doing well in exams is dependent on following the right study strategies and exam strategies. Often students think that studying day and night will be what produces the results; however, it is important for students to do smart studying. Smart studying is essential to alleviate the stress a little and it enables students to lead a healthier lifestyle as well (health is very important for students to take care of!).

Students should cultivate the habit of studying in an organised manner by setting aside an appropriate amount of time for each subject and revise often in order to prevent forgetting important information. 

During exams there are a few things to keep in mind and follow, like, 

  • Skip the challenging questions and come back to them later
  • Keep a time limit for each question
  • Never panic
  • Read the question carefully (question analysis is very important)
  • Double-check the answers
  • Make sure answers are succinct and to the point in answering the question requirements

These techniques are those which students need to incorporate during exams and since this is much easier said than done, tuition teachers make sure their students practice using these techniques during practice sessions.


Tuition teachers are some of the biggest pillars of support in a successful learning journey. They will continuously support their students, help their students pick themselves up from failure and they will always teach their students to be persistent and hard working to achieve their goals and ambitions. Tuition services are hence of great importance and this is probably the reason why the tuition industry itself has gained such significance over the years!

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