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Fighting the Social Stigma of Mental Illness with Online Counselling Apps

Social stigma is the number one reason that stops a person from reaching out for help. If it weren’t for social stigma, won’t you be openly talking about your mental health?

Let’s accept the fact that we can’t eliminate social stigma and lack of awareness in our society about mental health overnight. But what you can do is find out ways to seek help. Don’t let social stigma stop you from seeking help. 

The design of online counselling apps gives you a workaround this problem. 

Here’s how online apps trump social stigma and provide people with a platform to talk about their mental health.

1. You keep your privacy

Isn’t the fear of being judged by people stopping you from sharing your problems with others? Wouldn’t you find comfort in talking with a professional without being judged by them?

Online counselling apps maintain your anonymity and give you a safe platform to come out.

The data you share with the professional remains confidential. Also, counsellors in online apps have the training to treat people with mental disorders. They know what your privacy means to you.

2. You have the option for text chat

Some apps have the option of both text and video chats with a counsellor. If you prefer texting over video chats, you still have the choice to chat with a real human being. Some apps connect you with a human instead of an A.I.

You can build a relationship with them over text before jumping into a video call. Introverts will find this feature useful. 

3. People in remote areas have access to it

The mental awareness movement in India is relatively recent. Still, in low tier cities and villages of India, depression is a never-heard term. Forget about certified counsellors and therapists.

If a person in these areas wants to seek help, he/she will have to convince his family that mental disorders are a clinical condition and can spoil the life of a person.

Online counselling apps are not limited by distance. A person with a smartphone and internet connection can have 24/7 access to a counsellor.


Online counselling apps such as Pinkymind are working towards providing Indians with a platform to connect anonymously with certified counsellors. 

These apps are our best tools against social stigma. If you want to talk about your mental well-being, you can go ahead and make use of these apps without diffidence. 



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