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Face Thread Lift: A new alternative for anti-aging treatment

Having a young and youthful face is not a new thing in the world of aesthetic beauty. A lot of women fancy having a younger and almost no facial line face that’s why they undergo face thread lift treatment.

What is a face thread lift?

Our youthful appearance changes as we age. The signs of aging are becoming more and more obvious no matter how we take care of our skin and face. There will always a fine facial line and skin sagging that you will notice. These two-aging indicators are very visible in the face and neck areas. A face thread lift is a procedure that can help address your areas of concern. It is a minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery. The thread lift also can help address your sagging buttocks, wrinkly elbows, and knees.

Face thread lift focuses on targeting the aging signs on your lower face. It involves the subcutaneous placement of PDO threads. These threads are pulled to achieve the desired skin lift effect on your face and neck.

Face thread lift helps to tighten your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face. And then your dermatologist in KL will start “pulling” your skin up by tightening the thread. Besides, there are types of threads that can help stimulate the production of collagen, the protein that gives our skin its youthful appearance.

The treatment primarily focuses on lifting the midface, jowl, and neck area although it can also address the sagging in your eyebrow and cheek.

Face Thread Lift Fact 101

Is it safe?

Dermatologist in Malaysia considers face thread lift as a low-risk procedure with minimal recovery time. There are side effects like redness, bruising, and swelling after the treatment.

Is face thread lift more convenient than the other aesthetic surgery?

Normally, this treatment procedure can be performed by your trusted skin specialist in Malaysia for about 45 minutes. The treatment involves little swelling which is another reason for its growing demand. And you can go right back to your routine right after the treatment.

The average recovery time for face thread lift takes up to 3-5 days. But make sure that this procedure is done by a trained and licensed dermatologist in Malaysia. This gives you the confidence to achieve a safe, effective face thread lift.

Will the treatment cost me a lot?

Compare to traditional facelift surgery, face thread lift is much less expensive. Aside from that, the cost may vary depending on the aesthetic clinic that you will go to. Also, some factors might affect the cost of the treatment.

Is the treatment effective?

Yes, and it usually can last from 1-3 years. For more effective treatment and best results, your dermatologist in Malaysia can recommend you other anti-aging procedures.

The face thread lift procedure

The procedure from this treatment may vary depending on the area of concern that you are targeting and the treatment preferences of your dermatologist. But all in all the basic techniques are usually the same.

As mentioned earlier, different types of threads can be used in the procedure. A free-floating thread is inserted beneath the skin. Usually, it can last up to 1-2 years. A fixed thread involves removing excess skin to achieve the best result. And this procedure can last from 2 to 4 years. But whatever thread you prepare, it helps to improve the firmness and tightness of the surrounding tissue of your concern area. It also helps to increase the blood supply in the tissue that helps improves your total look.

Commonly targeted areas of face thread lift:

  • Jowls and jawline
  • Browline
  • Under-eye area
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks

After undergoing a face thread lift, you will notice a minor or immediate result right after. And as your face heals from the bruising and swelling, you will notice the more obvious result.

Are you planning to have a face thread lift?

A face thread lift is less costly and much easier to perform than the other aesthetic treatments that is why it is more popular these days. But before undergoing the procedure, just make sure that you will find a licensed and professional aesthetic clinic in KL. Also, consult first to your dermatologist or cosmetic practitioner before the treatment. Here at CLEO Clinic Aesthetic & Skin center, our philosophy is to boost your confidence and subtly enhance natural beauty with medically proven procedures and treatment regimes. And we offer a full range of aesthetic treatments including non-invasive facelift, acne treatment, acne scar treatment, hair loss treatment, dermal fillers, nose and face thread lift, and many more.

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