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Are You Doing Your Kegel Exercises Correctly? – A step by step guide for kegel

Kegel exercises

The most well-known exercises are probably intended not only to strengthen the pelvic floor, including Kegel’s exercises. This type of activity generally has a positive effect on women on the uterus and excretory system and is recommended for men to improve their erection or control over ejaculation.

Kegel’s exercises have the excellent help that they can be prepared practically anywhere and at any time. Also, experience shows that they can be practiced during pregnancy and after childbirth, so they are remarkably versatile in women.

Interestingly, these exercises were basically created to enhance the condition of the pelvic muscles after childbirth and were designated for women suffering from incontinence. Today, however, we already know that their usability is much wider, even for men.

Kegel exercises: what they are and why they are practiced

You may have heard of Arnold Kegel, an American gynecologist who practiced postpartum incontinence. In the middle of the 20th century, this doctor suggested, in principle, a difficult exercise for women, which was to help reduce urine leakage.

  • Kegel’s exercises were primarily intended for women who had problems with urine retention due to childbirth, or who developed physiological changes as a result of childbirth.
  • Later, the exercises began to be used generally for weakened pelvic floor muscles
  • The principle of exercise is alternating contraction and relaxation of the so-called pubococcygeal muscle, which is referred to as PC muscle

Why should you practice Kegel exercises? If you are a woman, it will help you with the anatomical changes caused by childbirth, of course, you can also exercise during pregnancy. However, I draw attention mainly to men, that Kegel’s exercises can also have a very positive effect and significance for them also use Fildena 100 to cure your Physical health. In which area? Especially in the sexual one.

Yes, it really is. Kegel’s exercises help, for example, to:

  • better control of ejaculation, which is mainly related to premature ejaculation, so if you suffer from too fast ejaculation, exercise can help you
  • support a better erection, how much muscle exercise improves blood flow to the genitals and thus improves erection
  • control erection during sexual intercourse, and it can lead in the case of more advanced training to a more intense orgasm

As Prevention

I recommend Kegel’s exercises not only when the first signs and symptoms of some problems appear, but also as part of prevention or use Fildena 150mg or Vigora 100. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is good for maintaining the healthy state of the urinary system for as long as possible, as well as helping the potency.

Who are Kegel’s exercises for and when to train them?

Kegel exercises can be practiced by anyone, men or women. There is no good time to start. Some women do not get to exercise until pregnancy or before giving birth, others much earlier. I discovered them myself at a time when I was looking for ways to better control my too fast ejaculation and how to improve my erection.

Most often, these exercises are designed for:

  • women who want to increase the pelvic ground muscles before or after childbirth
  • during or after menopause
  • men and women with spinal problems
  • men and women with sedentary jobs
  • men who want a harder penis and a better erection and men also use Fildena 120 for better erection
  • men who have problems with too fast ejaculation and fail to control their orgasm
  • men and women with incontinence problems
  • men who want to improve sperm production and the prostate condition of
  • anyone who craves a great orgasm

In order for the exercise to be strong, it is important to persevere in it and practice Kegel’s exercises regularly and for a long time. It is not a quick solution or a magic wand; on the contrary, the basis of success is constant repetition. The first results appear after about 1 to 1.5 months of exercise, so it is definitely not short-term.

How to practice Kegel exercises

The effectiveness of this exercise depends primarily on the correctness of the exercise. It is not just about the exercise itself, but it is also about preparing and concentrating on the whole technique from start to finish. At first glance, Kegel’s exercises are trivial, but many men and women make so many mistakes during them that they completely devalue the exercise itself.

This is how correctly performed Kegel exercises should look like:

Breathing in the abdomen: Before you start exercising, you must learn to breathe in the abdomen. Breathing should be free, natural, rhythmic, deep, and uninterrupted. Smell gently through your nose and breathe through your mouth just as slowly.

Muscle localization: The principle of Kegel’s exercise is to contract and relax the PC muscle. How do you know which one it is? Feeling how much of a muscle you know how to stop the flow of urination. Of course, Kegel’s exercises only need to be performed with an empty bladder.

Correct position: Kegel exercises can be practiced in multiple positions. You can stand, you can sit, and then lie on my back has worked best for me. It is best to straighten your legs while lying down or bend them at your knees and place your hands loosely next to your body.

Download phase: If you know how to breathe properly, the PC muscle is localized, and you are in the right position, try to download the PC muscle for 10 seconds. At first, you won’t succeed for such a long time, but gradually you will. Inhale as you download.

Relaxation phase: The second important step is to relax the contracted muscle, which should take place smoothly along with exhalation. The release phase should also last 10 seconds, followed by the download phase again.

This is what a correctly performed Kegel exercise looks like. In the beginning, exercise once a day, later try to go through 3 exercises a day during long-term training. Perform one exercise 10 times in a row in one series and then take a break. Ideally, you will achieve 3 to 4 sets per workout and three workouts each day.

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