Which are the best hotels in Makkah, Saudi Arabia?

When a person travels to a foreign country, then he/she wants the best residence available, along with the best hospitality. If you have a relative in a foreign country, then your stay becomes fun. However, if you do not have a relative, then you have to stay at a hotel, which is a strange place for you. And you want all the conveniences because you are paying.

If you are visiting Makkah for Umrah, Hajj, or any other purpose, then you must become happy because Makkah has the best hotels for a Muslim.

In this post, we will tell you our top picks from a wide list of hotels in Makkah. So, you can choose the right one for your stay. Keep reading further. It will amuse you.

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Raffles Makkah palace

This hotel is our top pick because it is located in the Abraj Al-Bait complex, which provides a view of the Grand Mosque and Ka’ba. It is at a 50-meter distance from Makkah clock tower. You will get panoramic views and spacious suites. The best thing about this hotel is the 24-hour butler service. All rooms are well-decorated, along with marble floors. And the dining service is exemplary. You can get all the famous cuisines and breakfast buffets.

Millennium Makkah Al Naseem

It is our second pick because it’s a five-star hotel with an extra luxurious building that provides all facilities for tourists. You will get air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. All rooms have internet and TV services, which allow you to enjoy your time during your stay. It is five kilometers from Ka’ba. All staff persons are helpful and trained. You can also get a butler for yourself. Moreover, the dining service is exceptional. You will get all the international meals, along with a breakfast buffet. If you want your stay as a perfect stay, then book a room in this hotel.

Four Points by Sheraton Makkah Al Naseem

It is our third pick because it has an international standard fitness center and restaurant. The hotel is 7 kilometers from the Makkah Mall and 5 kilometers from Burj Al-Bait tower. You will get a 24-hour service at the front desk. That’s why you can check-in or check-out anytime. The hotel is very spacious, along with the helpful staff. And the management offers bus service throughout the city. If you want to explore Makkah on roads, then you can step on the bus, which has punctual drivers. Moreover, you will get free Wi-Fi in the hotel property.

Shaza Makkah

It is our fourth pick because it has a sumptuous array of restaurants, which provide cuisine and culture altogether. If you want to experience Arab food with full display, then you must try its restaurants. It will rejoice you. You can also experience an open kitchen where you can see chefs cooking in real-time. Maidan and Shalimar for two famous restaurants of this hotel, which are frequently visited by locals and foreigners. The staff is well-trained to serve guests. And the hotel offers a bus service every 30 minutes to the Haram.

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

It is our fifth pick because it is close to the Grand Mosque. You can view the Haram from your window. If you want to go to Haram, then it would be a few minutes’ walk. The hotel has three restaurants, a fitness center, and a business center. All the staff is helpful, and the rooms are air-conditioned. You can also get on the hotel bus for a tour of the Makkah city.

Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah

It is our sixth pick because it is part of the Abraj complex, which is a famous icon tower in Makkah. Every person who has visited Makkah knows this tower. When you book a room, then you will have a window facing Ka’ba. You can also get access to Ka’ba from Ibrahim Khalil street, which is in front of the hotel. The hotel has well-decorated rooms with private bathrooms. Moreover, the rates are quite affordable. If you are on an Umrah visa then you can get a room for one week on a discount.

Conrad Makkah

It is our seventh pick because it has the most spacious rooms. You will get a private bathroom, along with a private dressing room. And you will find that convenience in very few hotels. Some rooms of this hotel have a Kaaba view. The management also provides butler service, along with lounge access. Closeness to the Haram and serene, spacious rooms are the qualities of this hotel. You will get free Wi-Fi in the hotel.

Jabal Omar Hayat Regency Makkah

It is our eighth pick because it is a big hotel with 19 floors that are all reserved for guests. All rooms have decoration and luxurious furniture. You can find all the latest facilities and services. The staff is helpful, and you can also avail of the butler service. And the location of the hotel lies in the heart of Makkah city.

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