Car for Businessman: 7 Models with a Super Luxury Interior

A car for a man is not just a means of transportation. This is his business card and an indicator of success in society. Many choose business-class cars, emphasizing their high status. Even when traveling, when it’s impossible to use your own car, most benefit from, which offers a large selection of prestigious rental cars anywhere in the world. By the way, you can find a vehicle of any class there, and also compare it in many ways. But of course, if you have a business trip, then a luxury car from is what you need.

Such cars have a prestigious appearance, and feature a spacious interior. Indeed, the interior is one of the main characteristics of the car, because for the most part it affects the level of comfort. Inside modern cars, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and this is especially appreciated by serious businessmen who don’t tolerate compromises. However, not all cars can offer the level of luxury and comfort available in premium models. Which ones? Check out the following list of cars where the interior looks better than in a 5-star hotel.

Land Rover SVAutobiography

You pay $ 90,000 not for a production executive car, but for the quintessence of luxury on 4 wheels. For example, 29 speakers around the perimeter of the cabin – it’s unlikely in the history of automotive industry that the concept of 3D sound was implemented so literally.

The seats in the SVAutobiography are designed to provide plenty of space for large-sized people, and they also can do massage. The console in the center of the cabin hides retractable worktops providing enough room to eat, or put something. There’s also a control panel for all on-board systems: from the microclimate to a huge set of chargers for the operation of passengers’ mobile gadgets.


BMW 740i

Beautiful on the outside and unique from the inside – for each passenger seat a personal heating, ventilation, massage and dimensioning system for the parameters of the human body is equipped.

The compact media system in the seatbacks is also individual. The person sitting on the right can watch live TV shows, and his neighbor on the left can follow a map of the area or enjoy web surfing.

The interior package includes a “set for shaping the atmosphere” by aromatizing the interior of the car. The user is free to choose between several water and plant motifs compiled by connoisseurs of perfumery. You can also simply mix a few flavors at your discretion, while playing with the interior lighting system – by paying $80,000, you have the right to fully enjoy your car.


Bentley Flying Spur

For some reason, automakers believe that a full-fledged trip is impossible without a bottle of properly chilled champagne. Capacity for it literally takes center stage in the cabin and the Flying Spur sedan is not an exception.

The highlight is that here all the technological components are hidden behind the crystal glass of the door with a lock – so that nobody inadvertently encroaches on the coveted drink. Glasses for sparkling wine are included in the purchase package, which is not surprising, as its budget exceeds $200,000.


Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman

Passengers of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman can’t worry about the level of comfort in the cabin. Pairs of individual seats are located opposite each other – there’s so much legroom that even a basketball celebrity will have no objections. The popular compartment for champagne with a case for glasses is in the center of the cabin.

The number of miniature LED bulbs for interior lighting is 300 units. From the driver’s seat, you can choose one of 7 options for integrated lighting of the internal space.


Rolls-Royce Phantom

The iconic brand regularly adheres to simple tactics – you pay a certain amount of to the base price tag of $200,000 and get such a salon design as you wish: whether it’s installation on a motive of a geisha meditating under the canopy of a sakura or a golden glitter.

The number of man hours spent decorating each Rolls-Royce’s interior is measured in hundreds. Most of the work is hand-made. There are not many innovations there. In any case, the visual appearance of the interior of the limousine is approaching the classics.


Bentley Bentayga

Crossovers are created in order to comfortably get away from civilization. And the Mulliner Hamper Set system in the Bentley Bentayga model will allow you to celebrate the success of the adventure by eating with taste – on porcelain dishes, silver appliances, with prudently chilled alcohol. 

Seatbacks serve as a platform for several high-resolution screens connected to a multifunctional media system. Of course, the well-polished wood and leather are used in the interior.


Force 1 by Henrik Fisker

The eminent automobile designer triumphantly returned to the executive class. Inside his Force 1 sports car there are no template elements, here even the holder for a pair of champagne bottles is individually decorated.

The special design of the armrests, pockets for small things, the on-board computer interface, and the special price is $230,000 per copy are the major highlights of the car.

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