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Why Hotmail not working, and Hotmail password recovery

Email services offer users to communicate personally and professionally in a very simple and reliable way. Hotmail is the one first webmail service launched by Microsoft. It is a free web-based email service having many active uses. With this email, users can send and receive emails at high speed, secure their accounts, recover an account in an easy way, and many more other features will be able to avail. But due to technical or non-technical hiccups, some issues like Why Hotmail not working may arise. When your Hotmail not working and you can’t receive any emails, then it can be very distressful for you. There are various reasons behind this problem you just need to detect the actual cause if you really want to cope it up. If you are not able to recover your Hotmail account then contact the Hotmail customer service team and get the best in class assistance to recover your Hotmail account. They will give better solutions on account recovery that will help to resolve the other issues related to the Hotmail password recovery.



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Effective Solution To Resolve Hotmail Not Working Issue


Here are the proper guidelines through which you can effort-freely get rid of Hotmail Not Working problem. Therefore, despite being wandered, keep your eyes feat on the below-mentioned instructions. For sure, Hotmail is not responding to a problem that will be exterminated in just a second. Hence, have a glimpse:


  1. Check The Server Status


First and forecast, it is recommended you check the server status whether it is down or not. Due to server down the problem, your Hotmail won’t work. Therefore, it is better to immediately check out the server and make sure it is not low.


  1. Troubleshoot Your Browser


If the browser you are using is corrupted, you won’t be able to load your Hotmail website and work with this email service. So, check your web browser first. Follow the below steps to fix browser related issues:

  • Delete the History of your Browser
  • Eliminate the cookies from Browser
  • Reset The Browser


  1. Check Network Settings


If your system is not properly connected to the internet, then there is a high chance of not working the Hotmail issue. So, it is suggested you to instantly check your internet connection. If there is no network connection, try to reboot your modem, router, and computer and wait for a couple of minutes. Afterward, try to use your Hotmail, it may now be loaded and you can work freely.


  1. Make Sure Correctly Enter A Username And Password


Due to Hotmail sign-in issues like if you type an incorrect username or password, your Hotmail account will not work. So, first, make sure that the username and password you have typed is correct and appropriate. In case, you have forgotten your password, then reset your password simply. Once you give the right information related to your Hotmail account, you won’t get this kind of error.


  1. Unable To Send And Receive Emails In Hotmail


Due to a few reasons, you may not send and receive any emails in your Hotmail account. Let’s have a glance on the below noted points to know the reasons and its possible solutions:

  • Have Created An Email Filter: If you have created an email filter, then this could be the one reason you won’t send/receive emails. Hence, go ahead and delete the filter from the emails immediately.
  • Enable Forwarding to Any Different Email Address: This might be also the reason because you can’t send/receive emails. Hence, disable the forwarding to fix this issue.
  • If Block Any Email Address: In case you have blocked any email address, then you won’t receive any emails. So, unblock them to reset your account settings.


How to Recover a Hotmail Account Password?


Forgotten an email account password is a very common issue among the users and no one can escape from it including the Hotmail users. If you someone has your Hotmail account or you have forgotten your password, then you can’t sign in to your email account until you would not recover it. Hotmail provides a wide range of password recovery ways that can help the users to recover their password but if you don’t know about the Hotmail account recovery process, then you must need to know about that.

Follow the below Hotmail Account Recovery Steps:

  • Go to the official password recovery page of Hotmail through by using your phone or computer.
  • Now Recover your account page will open where you need to enter your Hotmail ID that password you wish to recover.
  • Click on Next.
  • Now Hotmail will ask to verify your identity and then you would need to choose an option to get the security code and then choose an alternate email method to get the code.
  • Click on Next.
  • Click on Send code tab and then a verification code will send to your recovery email address.
  • Now enter the received code into the given field and then click on Next.
  • After that, a new page will open and then enter a new password for your Hotmail account and then also re-enter the same password to confirm.
  • Click on the Reset password tab to complete the process of password recovery.


If you are not able to recover your Hotmail account with these above-described steps, then contact Hotmail customer service team and get the best in class assistance to recover your Hotmail account. They will give better solutions on account recovery that will help to resolve the other issues related to the Hotmail password recovery.Contact us – 1877-200-8067

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