Marriage is a very significant turning point in the life of a couple as well as to their families. You are going to start a new life with your partner together for a lifetime and beyond. And before a Hindu marriage, various rituals take place and one of these is kundali matching.

The parents would like to know if their child’s horoscope matching by name or date of birth is a success. They want to know if their child whether their stars are harmonious or will they live a prosperous life.

What is kundali matching?

Kundali Matching is an auspicious ritual that is carried out before the wedding takes place. Both parties want to have a long and beautiful relationship with each other and wish to have a blissful life forever.

Importance of kundali matching in a Hindu marriage

Couple’s compatibility

To know how compatible the couple, there are 36 gunas in total that are matched to know if they will have a prosperous life. And each gunas have different points. Each point signifies a different factor of life. The couple will experience more satisfaction the more points they acquired by the match.

Kundali matching also helps in determining the conjugal harmony of the couple. The matching of stars, the position of planets, celestial bodies, and date of birth binds the couples together. It also helps in identifying how each star and destinies can affect their married life.

Career prospects and financial stability

Every parent wants to know the financial stability of the couple before they get their son or daughter married. Kundali matching helps determine the job prospects as well as the financial position of the couple.

Compatibility of childbirth

The chance of bearing a child is also one of the concerns in kundali matching. They believe that only after the birth of a child a family is considered complete. It is discovered in the eight gunas (Naadi) that carry the maximum points in a Kundli matching.

To foresee physical and mental compatibility

The stars and destiny of both partners are not the only ones determined in the kundali matching. The mindset, temper, behavior, interest, and aptitude are predicted as well to ensure that the marriage is prosperous.

The level of physical attraction is also important and tested during the Kundli matching as it helps the marriage to survive and last. The horoscope matching helps revealed these aspects as well as the health condition of each person.

Is kundali matching necessary?

In Hinduism, they believe that the real secret of a successful marriage is understanding, happiness, respect, and lots of care. But the certainty that you will have all of them after the marriage is not determined. Kundli matching will help you learn how compatible you are with your partner. Kundali matching helps determine the compatibility of each other’s nature, sexual abilities, attitudes, and tendencies.

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