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Transform Your Room With The Right Window Blinds

Are you bored with the same old blinds you see inside your room? Why not revamp it with the right window blinds available online.

Are you not sure what styles of window blind to use? Or you get confused with roller block out blinds or roller sun filter blinds? Here at Blinds and Curtains Online, we will help you decide which is better suited in any particular room of your home. Here are the necessary guide and information to help you make a decision much easier.

Know the Measure

Before buying any type of blinds like ultrawood Venetian blinds or vertical blinds online, you should decide which fitting options you preferred. This is important before you take up to proceed in measuring up your window. There is two types of fitting option – the inside the frame or outside the frame.

If you have a small room without much space, the inside the window frame (inside fit) is a perfect option for your window treatment. Aside from that, it goes well if you are going to team it up with curtains. If you prefer the inside the window frame, you can start measuring up the width of the window frame at its narrowest point as well as the height of the window frame. If you are to choose a blind that does not project out into the room, inside fit is perfect for you. This option gives also a better insulation because the blinds are near to the glass.

For bigger rooms, you can choose a window blind treatments that sit outside the window frame. It helps to block more lights that come inside your room. You can start scaling up the width of the window frame and add 4cm to both sides. After getting the height of the recess, add 15 cm to the measure. When choosing the outside fit, the blinds cover the window completely that helps reduces the amount of light coming through.

Besides, you should also determine where you will side the pulley and catch. This is necessary in case you will have an issue accessing them.

Choose a Window Style that you prepare

There are different styles of window blinds that you can choose depending on their design and functions. Each type of blind can work better for each room.

  1. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect option for any room as it was designed to complement the trends in the contemporary urban interior design of any room. It comes with a wide array of patterns and colors, smart, smooth, and affordable. Also, roller blinds have a variety of performance features like anti-mildew, moisture-resistant as well as blocking out the light. It is also easy to clean.

Popular Type of Roller Blinds

  • Roller Blockout Blinds
  • Roller Sunfilter Blinds
  • Dual Roller Blinds
  • Twilight Thermal Blockout Roller Blinds
  • Hampton Textured Blockout Roller Blinds
  • Hampton Textured Light Filtering Roller Blinds
  • Madison Textured Blockout Roller Blinds
  • Madison Textured Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Roller blinds online are remarkably versatile to use in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, as well as in the living room.

  1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are also one of the most popular options for window treatments. It also comes with a wide selection of colors, textures, and patterns that can easily suit your room’s interior. Vertical blinds are very versatile for any type of room as well as easy to maintain and clean.

You can also control the light coming to your room easily. Here at Blinds and Curtains Online, we offer a great range of performance features of vertical blinds online.

Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows, sliding doors, and patio windows. It can be tilted to control the light as well as can be drawn back out to get a better view through the window.

  1. Roman Blinds

This type of blind style is also popular because of its elegant, classic, and sophisticated design. It also comes with a wide selection of textures, colors, and patterns making it easy to match any room style.

  1. Honeycomb Translucent Blinds

If you want the beauty, style, and comfort, honeycomb translucent blinds are the perfect solution for you. It can create a soft light environment while reflecting the heat away from the blinds. This type of blind is cool in summer while in winter. It also helps eliminates up to 99% of solar radiation.

  1. Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for easy control over light as well as privacy control, Venetian blinds are right for you. It has a variety of styles to match your room’s interior, easy to clean feature, and durable.

Common Style of Venetian Blinds

This blind style is simple and versatile enough to effortlessly blend into the rest of your room. It can easily filter the light coming to your room. Venetian blinds often made out of metal or plastic blinds which is a practical choice for rooms that have a high level of moisture – perfect for kitchen and bathrooms.


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