Portable Vaporizer for Vaping Needs

Every person needs a perfect vaporizer for various reasons. Some people may need a super compact vape for rapid hits while others need larger vaporizers for home use where they can enjoy taking down full ovens with their friends.

Portable vaporizers come in different sizes but with one reservation that they must be handheld. Don’t be surprised when you come across some vaporizers with an asthma inhaler shape or looking like a wooden box.

What Portable Vaporizers offer

When looking for the right vaporizer for your need, it is important to know that portable vaporizers offer a much different experience compared to the pen style and desktop model. These handheld devices strike a balance between significant vapor production and portability whereas pen devices and desktop models focus more on compactness and vapor quality respectively.

Vapor Quality

Do not get fooled by the small size. Generally, desktop units produce better vapor although their portability is limited due to their large frames and wall socket plug-ins. With the development of high capacity batteries and better heating systems, small handheld devices can deliver quality vapor amounts any way you’d like.  Portable vaporizers also feature all-glass vapor paths that preserve the natural flavor, aroma, and enjoyment of dry herb while cooling every hit as it proceeds to your palette.


Not every person wants a bigger desktop unit becoming the center of attraction at their home. Portable herbal vaporizers vary in size although they are usually pocket friendly. For low key experts, there are a number of brands that offer discreet portable herbal vaporizers. These vaporizers enable you to enjoy your dry herb or wax anywhere without getting too much attention on your session.

On-the-go use

Great chances are that you want a handheld device that will offer great vapor without abandoning portability. While desktops have to be plugged into a power source making them more powerful but less travel-ready. An average handheld vaporizer offers powered rechargeable, often replaceable battery with more hours of continuous enjoyment when fully charged. Most of the portable vaporizers are charged via USB which makes it easier to power up from power sources at a faster rate.

What  to Consider When Purchasing Portable Vaporizers

Although most vaporizers are meant for only dry herbs, the recent blare in vaping popularity has led to more companies putting out concentrate centric handheld devices. Here are some of the things to consider when purchasing a vaporizer.

What Element the Vaporizer is Made From

This is one of the most important elements to look out for. The commonly used element is ceramic. This static material produces pure and flavorful vapor without adding undesired odors, tastes, or chemicals. It is also very durable with a high melting point hence no need to worry about overcooking what is in your vape.

Does it Have a Strong Battery

Finding a vaporizer with a quality battery is one of the crucial leads to enjoying wax or dry herb on the go. Mostly battery strength is measured in milliamps (mAh) and the higher the number the stronger the battery. So, if you are one of the busiest guys then a high power battery will do you well throughout the day. The only snag is that powerful batteries require more charging time. Battery power can also determine the temperature range because powerful batteries reach high temperatures faster.

The Air Path Material and Quality

The air path determines a vaporizer’s draw resistance and vapor quality. The vaporizer should have an all-glass airpath which means it won’t chemically react to heat and dilute the natural flavors of your stuff. The all-glass airpath is the appetizing option to enjoy the full range of flavor from wax or dry herb.

Portable Vaporizer Heating Styles

Most portable vaporizers have two main heating styles: conduction and convection. Both provide distinctive advantages. Those that feature conduction heating, the herb is heated by hot walls of the chamber thus becoming hot faster than the load. For convection vaporizers, hot air is sent through the chamber to heat the bowl evenly and closely. The hybrid units also feature both conduction and convection for a better vapor profile.

Summing up

Portable vaporizers give you a convenient way to enjoy concentrate or herb anywhere that you like to. With regular care and maintenance, your handheld device will last longer and perform better than you would think.

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