Marrakesh Hammams, a Gateway to Luxurious Morocco Breaks

Africa’s Morocco serves as a soul soothing medicine for the Europe loving wanderers. It welcomes every sort of fun seeker from all across the globe, with its soul stirring spots of immense beauty and bounty.  From suburban Rabat to bustling Casablanca, the swarthy Sahara dunes to lofty Atlas, the scintillating souks to turquoise beach water, there is every fun thing for everyone.

The true Moroccan ambience with lip-smacking cuisine and colors would leave you perky and mesmerized. So you would stop missing your European tours in your exciting Moroccan stroll.

For many years this North African country of Morocco has been a wonderful choice for fun cravers, energetic teens and full of life honeymooners. If you are looking for luxury Morocco holidays for a fun familia or bachelors’ fun zone, then spend choose a comfy stay station in any of the world’s favorite Marrakesh riads.

For luxury in Morocco truly means a cozy stay in a Marrakesh riad with your limbs soaked in the soul soothing waters of Marrakesh hammams. We bet that the mere Spa tour of Marrakesh city would be enough for your exuberant Morocco travel diaries.

The hued Moroccan markets, the bustling city Madina, the appeasing riads and super cozy Hammams and Spa, make this Red Moroccan city an exhilarating stay station.

 Marrakesh Hammam and how it works?

Hammams in Marrakesh are mainly used by the Sahara trekking experts or adventurers who come in off the desert to relax their limbs. African Hammams are similar to that of Western spas, but they have a differently thrilling experience.  They are closely associated with the Roman and Greek baths but still have a different Islamic touch, as these are separated as per gender segregation rules.

The Moroccan Hammam consists of a relaxation room that is warm and airy. The Hammam workers there also serve you the lip-soothing Moroccan mint tea and then send you into a room warm room to let you lay in a bath tub filled with calming warm water.

After soaking your body in the warm hammam water, you also get lathered in olive oil and scrubbed with the traditional soft gloves from head to toe.  You can also receive a relaxing massage, hair wash, and many other services upon request.

Top Must-Visit Hammams in Marrakesh

Now we are going to tell some touristy Hammams having amazing bath services. You can consider any of them.  The traditional Hammams are dotted over the Red City. But we suggest you to visit the touristy special Hammams to enjoy the more welcoming services by the hospitable staff.

Less Bains De Marrakesh

Located in Kasbah neighborhood, it is a renovated and a popular touristy spa.  It consists of a beauteous building that provides with the couples the treatment rooms and Hammams along with a large bathing area, a central swimming pool and a relaxation room. Normally, the treatments here are provided for 45 minutes. But you can also pay some additional dues to enjoy more services.

Les Bains de Tarabel

Get into the comfy guest house of Les Bains de Tarabel of Marrakesh. The appeasing facial treatments with natural oils and Nectarome essences are never to miss perks of this comfy Spa. Let your senses relaxed in the traditional flower flooded courtyard with natural lights. The soothing fragrances of eucalyptus, orange blossom, and ghassoul with seven plants would call your soul again and again to this mesmerizing place.

Les Bains de l’Alhambra

Located at the heart of Marrakesh city, it is another haven for a luxurious escape from the worldly hustle and bustle.  Here the hospitable staff invites you to enjoy a calming spa experience with soothing activities including Hammam and massage, baths, wellness spa, manicure, hair styling, makeup, and much more.

Pre-booking is suggested for a hassle-free spa stay to any of these

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