Bug Zapper: Why invest in a mosquito lamp?

Getting rid of mosquito and other pesky insects inside and outside your home don’t have to cost lots of money. With the use of bug zapper, you now have a low-cost method in controlling them within your household and yard.

Electric bug zapper helps to attract mosquitos and other insects with the use of UV lights flashing inside it. This small but powerful device helps get rid of those pesky mosquitoes that love biting you. This outdoor machine zaps the bugs with a low amount of electricity. It electrocuted the small bugs as they touch the electrical wire of the grid.

It works best in the evening as the lights become more attractive in the dark luring a large number of bugs towards the bug zapper. Thus, reduces the population of insects inside and outside of your home as well as helps to minimize the chance of other pests invading your home.

Top Benefits of Using Bug Zapper

  1. Cost-effective

You can save a lot of money because bug zappers are reusable. Imagine how much it will cost you when you buy bug sprays and bug strips over and over again. With a mosquito lamp, you can reuse it 24/7.

Electric bug zapper comes with a trendy and elegant design that may easily match with the decor of your home or patio. Other types also come handy and portable that you can bring along in your outdoor activities.

  1. Poison-free

Mosquito lamp or bug zappers don’t pose any health risk, unlike bugs spray. The best mosquito zapper can help you get rid of pesky insects with less personal interaction and fewer chemicals. Unlike when you are using bug sprays and mosquito repellants that can be harmful and poisonous, right?

  1. Handy, Portable, and Rechargeable

As mentioned earlier, bug zapper can be reused as well as portable. You can carry them around most especially if you’re traveling or camping. It helps to minimize the risk of getting bitten by insects outside of your home.

If you are worrying that you need to buy batteries for it to become portable, well you’re wrong. The bug zapper is rechargeable that is why you can use them outside where are is no electricity.

  1. Bug zappers are easy to install and clean

The best mosquito zapper is designed to be easily cleaned. And because of its metallic grid, it doesn’t easily get dirty. When your electric bug zapper gets dirty, all you need is a small cloth to wipe clean the device. This electric mosquito lamp is easy to install. All you have to do is hang it or place it in your house or yard.

  1. Waterproof

There is also a waterproof bug zapper available in the market. That is why it is ideal for outdoor use. It has a built-in hook where you can easily hang the mosquito lamp outside. Here at White Kaiman, our outdoor bug zapper will get rid of those nasty insects that surround your home, yard, or campsite within 45 square meters.

Use the best mosquito zapper to get rid of those pesky bugs

To easily and effectively control those mosquitoes and other flying insects within your home or yard, the bug zapper is the ideal choice. It can help eliminate dozens of insects right away most especially during night time. This device helps reduces the insect population within your surroundings.

Here at White Kaiman, we have a wide collection of the bug zapper and mosquito lamp that you can choose. From portable bug zapper/lantern combo to stationary zappers, from solar zappers to fly swatters, big and powerful zappers to smart zappers with built-in dusk to dawn sensors, we have it here for you.

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