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Reasons it’s better to take your Macbook to a Macbook service centre instead of a local technician

It’s frustrating when your MacBook suddenly starts to hang or when the screen won’t come on. Under no circumstances should you ever try to open up the MacBook on your own and fix the issue. Doing so not only voids any warranty the device may be under, it also increases the risk of causing much more trouble. Taking the device to a Macbook service centre may seem a little expensive at the onset but in the long run, this much cheaper than taking the device to a local technician. Here are a few reasons why.

Maintain your warranty

Every Apple device comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can also opt to pay for an additional 1-year warranty by purchasing the Apple Care+ warranty. This does not mean that all repairs and replacements needed are free under the warranty period but the costs will be considerably lower. However, the moment you open the MacBook up on your own or get a local technician to do so, your warranty is void. This holds true even if you open the device just to see what’s going on inside. instead of saving money you may eventually have to pay much more for the repairs.

Get authentic replacement parts

Sometimes, you cannot repair a component and it needs to be replaced. For example, if you drop your laptop and crack the screen, there is no choice but to replace it. By sending your MacBook to a MacBook service center, you can guarantee that the parts used to replace the damaged part is an authentic Apple component. Locally available parts may be cheaper but they may not fit perfectly and hence may increase the risk of further damage. For example, if the replacement screen does not fit perfectly, dust could enter the system.

Quicker service

Today, most of our work happens on a laptop. So, it can be quite frustrating when you have to give your MacBook for repairs and you don’t get it back for days. If you give your MacBook to a local technician, there is no telling when you may get it back. Initially the technician may say it will be fixed in a day but when you go to pick it up, he may say that it’ll take a few days more and so on until you’ve been without your MacBook for weeks! However, when you go to an authorized service center, you will get your MacBook back without any delays. You may even get it back in the same day instead of having to leave it overnight.

Today, there’s a Macbook service centre in almost every metro city. A simple online search should give you a list of service centers in your city. Else, you may want to ask people within you friend and family circle for recommendations. You should also ask them if they could recommend a specific technician to take a look at your device. Before you hand over your device, take a backup of all your data on an external hard drive or on the cloud.

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