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Gmail to PDF Converter – Download Free Utility

These days, users of Gmail email application are regularly searching for the solution through which they can easily move their Gmail emails and save them all as PDF file format. So, this time we will discuss the same and find a better way to convert all Gmail emails into PDF file format along with all attachments.

Gmail is one of those applications which is used for many purposes, some of the users using Gmail account to manage emails and many users are using this advanced application to get other benefits of Google applications. Users can use this application for free and get access to various applications of Google including Google Drive.

To save Gmail emails on the hard drive of computer system as PDF along with all details of Gmail account, the user needs to utilize the tool that is the SpecyTech Gmail to PDF Converter tool which has the ability to process complete data from Gmail and save them in the desired file format that is the PDF file format.

Unique Features of Gmail Emails to PDF Conversion Tool

Convert Bulk Emails from Gmail Account: This tool allows users to move multiple emails from the Gmail account through a one-time process and save them all into PDF file format without any loss of data. This feature of the tool saves users time and makes this process simple.

Add Gmail Account & Accounts: The Gmail to PDF Converter software allows users to add Gmail account or accounts at the same time process. The tool also provides the Remove Account option through which the user can deselect the account which is not required for the further process.

Gmail Account Folder Preview Section: It also contains the preview section which is appeared after the selection of the Gmail account. This section of the software allows users to view and check the loaded account folders. Through the same window of the tool, users can deselect the folder which is not relevant for the Gmail emails to PDF conversion procedure.

Various Saving Options to Save Gmail Emails as PDF: This section of the Gmail to PDF Tool provide options for the saving process, it will allow users to select File Naming Options through which user can choose the desired file naming. On the same screen, users can also select the Saving PDF section where you can select Save Separated PDF Files for Each Mail or Save Single PDF for all Emails.

Conversion from Gmail into PDF with Filtered Data: The tool contains some filtration options so that users can move only desired data from the select Gmail account into hard drive as PDF. Users can utilize filters like Date Range, From, To, and Subject filtration options.

Destination Saving for Converted Gmail Data: Users can decide the path where all converted Gmail files will be saved on the computer system in PDF format through the help of the Destination Path section of the software.

Step By Step Procedure of Gmail to PDF Converter Tool

Step 1. Start the Gmail to PDF Conversion software after completion of the installation process.

Step 2. Utilize the Add Account option to select the Gmail account and then enter login details.

Step 3. Preview loaded items of Gmail account and utilize the Saving Options screen.

Step 4. Click on the Next tab and then view the live status of the Gmail to the PDF conversion process.

In this way, any user can get their Gmail emails on the hard drive as PDF file format which can be transferred from one device to another. Users can also have the option to utilize this tool for free through the download of its demo edition. Users can easily download it on any Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all other Windows OS.

Final Words

It is hard to convert all Gmail files into PDF file format through a single processing way but it can become easier to move and save all Gmail emails to PDF format through the utilization of the Gmail to PDF Converter software.

Users should try this perfect and user-friendly utility for free and then decide on the required method. With this utility, users can save their Gmail data into PDF as per the desired way.

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