Measuring Digital Marketing Effectiveness – Best Practice Guide

Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing today. When you live in a world where everything is digital, it’s only natural for your business to go online, too. In fact, there is simply no way for a business to survive today without having a strong online presence. People get all of their information from the internet and companies that don’t adjust to this fact are not likely to stay in business for more than a few months. With digital marketing, you never have to worry about staying behind your competition and not being your audience’s top choice. All you have to do is learn how to effectively measure the results you’re getting.

1. Have a clear goal in mind

In order to measure something, you first have to know what it is. If you want your business to be on the top of the industry, you’ll need to have a clear work to work towards. In other words, you can’t take it one day at a time and just hope for the best. Climbing to the top with your digital marketing campaign is something that needs a lot of planning and consideration.

When thinking of what you want your goal to be, make sure it’s something realistic. In fact, it’s better to start with a smaller goal to give you a taste of success and motivate you to push harder. For example, your goal could be to raise your brand awareness. From here, you’ll know you’ll need to focus on increasing organic traffic and maybe even using the power of PPC. Once this goal is reached, you can expand it or move on to the next one.

One other thing to keep in mind with setting goals is that you can always build your ladder to the stars. In other words, no one is stopping you from setting a completely unrealistic goal for yourself. To stop yourself from falling, though, you will need to break it down into smaller steps. Each new step you reach will bring you closer to the unattainable goal until you’re standing at the top of that ladder and smiling from the top. This is the preferred method of thinking for some people as it helps keep them motivated and pushing forward even when things get really tough.

2. Use the power of videos

In today’s competitive market, you have to get creative with your digital marketing campaign. Just look at what most companies in Australia are doing. To grab their audience’s attention, they’re moving on from classic content to pictures and videos. Hiring an independent video production company from Sydney has proven to be one of the best practices for effective digital marketing.

This way, you don’t have to do as much as lift a finger. It’s up to you to tell the agency who your target audience is and what your goals are and they will do the rest. This leaves plenty of time for you to focus on other parts of running your business and achieving success.

Videos posted on social media do best. They catch your audience’s attention and give them something to interact with. Whether it’s liking or sharing, your audience will definitely be more open and engaged with your brand. This also means that your content and brand will show up on other pages and that more people will see it. In fact, it’s not uncommon for videos to go viral, thus bringing in more business than you could have hoped for. 

It’s also very easy to measure their success because your audience will have a very straightforward reaction. Depending on how they react, you’ll know how to continue with the video campaign and make it even more profitable.

3. Don’t miss out on blog content

Even though you may want to focus on videos, not having blog posts is a huge miss for your business. People like reading about all the interesting things in your industry and about your brand. It helps them get to know who you are and convinces them they should be doing business with you.

By having a blog you update regularly, you also get to see exactly what your audience thinks of you. One of the main reasons content marketing is so important for digital marketing is because it gives you insight into what your audience is actually thinking.

These reactions are measurable and most social media platforms automatically rate the popularity of your posts. That allows you to focus on the posts that gained more attention and create more content that will gain even more attention.

One important factor for content marketing is to always have a planned-out content calendar. This will help you post everything on time and will definitely make it easier for your audience to follow your brand. They’ll know when to expect new blog posts and your content is likely to get even more attention for it.


As you can see, it’s entirely possible to measure the effects of digital marketing. People often believe that investing in a digital marketing campaign is pointless because you can’t track and see what you are doing just because it is virtual. The matter of the fact is that there are many tools out there to help you effectively measure what you are doing and make the profit you deserve. We’re confident these tips will help you make the most out of your digital marketing campaign. 

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