Key Replacement: Why is it important to change locks?

One of the most common questions that a professional locksmith gets from a customer is why they should change door locks when it looks ok. From time to time, a door lock problem can occur when you least expect it that can result in a home lockout, possible theft, and intrusion incident. And to avoid this from happening a key replacement can help you gain back the control of your property.

As a commercial locksmith service in Columbus, Ohio, we don’t want your door lock problems, if not addressed properly, to grow into something more serious consequences. So whether you want to rekey locks of your new home or missing a key, it is best to change door locks right away. Here are the indications that a key replacement is needed in your home.


The top reason that a key replacement is vital

1. Moving to a new house

You just move into your new house and you have to deal with all the moving process. But no matter how busy you are, you should prioritize changing your door locks. You will never know that previous homeowners of the property may have shared copies of their keys with their family and friends.

A key replacement can act as a reset button to the security of your house to ensure that no stranger is having unwanted access to your property. Call a commercial locksmith service in Columbus, Ohio that offers 24-hour locksmith residential service.


2. You lost your keys

Losing your copy of the keys to your house is a frustrating experience most especially when you don’t have a spare key anymore.

Aside from the frustration, it could also cause a security risk. This is because anyone who may have your lost key is not a potential threat to the security of your home. And even if your lost key is back, there won’t be any guarantee that a copy is not made. That is why you need to key placement for your door locks as soon as possible.


3. Change in your living situation

Your roommate has recently moved out or you went through a divorce, separation, or dispute. There are times that a strong disagreement can make people find a way into the house to vandalize, take possessions, or cause harm to you. That is why it is best to change door locks.


4. You experienced a home break-in or attempted break-in

A home break-in attempt or burglary can tamper your home lock security. And the damage can lead to a broken or malfunction lock. And to help tighten your security from scratch a lock replacement or anti-theft locksmith systems is needed form. You can call We offer a wide range of padlocks that enable you to upgrade security whilst restricting unauthorized access.


5. Wear and Tear

Home door locks can wear out over time. So when you are experiencing difficulty in opening the door lock, you need to consider a key replacement. Rusty and old locks are more appealing to burglars because it is easier to pick. And you wouldn’t want to compromise your security, right? That is why you need to book an appointment with a trusted locksmith you that offers 24 hours residential and commercial service. – Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

Everything you love and cherish is inside your home and you don’t want to compromise their safety. A key replacement is very vital to make sure that your home is safe and secured from any theft and intrusion.

And when changing door locks, keyless remote, make new car keys, lock repair, or transponder keys, is here to provide all types of locksmith services. We also offer locksmith automotive service in times you misplace your key, need a key done, or duplicated, locked out of your car.

Aside from that, we also offer Safe & ATM services in the local area of Columbus Ohio. We are always ready to change the safe combination in many electronic keypad styles whenever you lost combination or miss your safe’s keys. Our team is all Certified Journeyman Safecracker (CJS) since 1985.

You can rest assured of getting exceptional and quality service on top of high-quality equipment is installed in your house. Our dispatch team is always ready to install, change, or repair locks at any time.


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