How to Clearly Create your Network of Business Effected from COVID-19


This is an important time to reach out to your networks for support and advice. Being able to keep some control over your situation is good for your positive mental health. Keep communicating with your support networks and speak with other small businesses to share ideas and innovative practices.

A good starting point for online networking is our face book group I’m a small business owner in Western Australia which has more than 8,000 members and provides a space for small business owners to network, share information and seek help from your fellow business owners.

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Keep informed of changes

Given the peak volumes of calls to many government departments, being proactive in seeking out trusted source of information is an important way that you can keep up with the latest developments on corona virus information for small business owners.

In addition to our dealing with corona virus information for small business owners, other trusted sources of information that you should regularly check for updates related to small business include:


The Australian small business and family enterprise ombudsman Kate Carnell has released a covid-19 recovery plan, recommending a set of reforms to support small businesses in the post covid recovery phase. It details a number of changes to improve the legal, regulatory and compliance environment for small businesses including:

  • Abolishing fringe benefits tax for small business
  • Creating a federal small business claims tribunal with ASBFEO to provide triage services
  • Permanent small business instant assets tax write off of 150K $.
  • Introducing a small business award
  • Legislating 30 days payment terms for small businesses
  • Creating a small business procurement panel for any government contract under 10million dollar.
  • The Australian small business and family enterprise ombudsman Kate Carnell has welcomed legislation introduced to the parliament today, requiring big business to be transparent about their payment times.
  • The federal government will today table the payment times reporting bill 2020 that will require businesses with turnover of more than 100 million $ to publish information about their payment policies.
  • “Much of the Australian small business community has been devastated by the covid-19 health and economic crisis and prompt payment times and critical to their survival, Ms Carnell says.

Our clients are seeing significant supply chain disruption; the cancellation of conferences, sporting events and international travel; closure of public paves and restrictions on movement. As businesses suffer broadening interruptions to their operation, complex (and often interrelated) questions regarding force measure, breaches of contract and insurance coverage are emerging. Below are 10 of the most pressing questions clients are asking us and our thoughts on those issues.

Can a worker refuse to come to work?

In some circumstances a worker has the right stop or refuses to carry out usage work. A worker has this right to cease work if there is a reasonable concern that the worker would be exposed to a serious risk to their health and safety from and immediate or imminent hazard. A worker must inform you as soon as they have ceased work. A worker must also then be available to carry out suitable alternative work, such as working from how.

Health and safety representatives (HSRs) can direct a worker in their work group to cease unsafe work. HSRs can do this if:

  • They have a reasonable concern that a worker would be exposed to a serious risk to health and safety from an immediate or imminent hazard and
  • They have already consulted and attempted to resolve the issue with the business or undertaking for whom the workers are carrying out work (unless the risk is so serious and immediate or imminent that it is not reasonable to consult first).

Various measures have been taken and recommendations issues by public authorities to contain the spread of covid-19. Indeed, some of these appear to contradictory. Consequently, employers have to take their own decisions and make some challenging judgment calls. While, for many, it is business as usual, we have observed a wide range of reactions so far, including requiring stag to work from home, closing offices, requiring specific employees to self isolate, restricting business travel and recommending that employees reconsider personal travel.

A key control measure to slow the relate of the transmission of covid-19 appears to be minimizing human contact. Accordingly, many employers are canceling conferences and work events and restricting travel, opting instead for technology based solutions to facilitate meetings and work connection.

Maintaining business resilience during times of upheaval requires leaders to gain an organization wide view that includes financial, operational, and commercial and communities.

We see four stages that outline the path through recovery:


All organizations are simultaneously impacted as professional lives are disrupted. Volatility and uncertainty permeate society as the primary focus is on limiting damage to lives and livelihoods as we weather the unprecedented storm.


Control loosens as virus spread is contained and/ or a vaccination or cure is available. Consumer demand beings to return but is constrained by lost wages, investment losses and recession fears.


Anxiety passes and hiring, investment and consumer sentiment cautiously improve. Recovery paths for organizations will vary based on ability to limit damage from the reaction stage, length and severity of recession, post covid-19 industry demand and willingness to adapt. To recover your network, Buy Instagram likes Australia.

New Reality

A number of enduring shifts will remain post recovery as many learnt behaviors born out of the crisis will become central to the new normal.

Managing through the current challenges and imbedding resilience for recovery and the new reality will be challenging but together we can woke on the answer.

The subjects below will further help you understand you business’ exposure to disruption caused by covid-19, and could help you position your business to be more resilient.

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