Kaspersky Security provides additional protection for SharePoint Online and Microsoft computers

In addition to the free Microsoft Office 365 offer, the updated Kaspersky product is available for free for 180 days. Woburn, MA – March 25, 2020 – Kaspersky today announces a new version of Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365, which now extends employee collaboration protection by protecting SharePoint Online and enabling secure file sharing in Microsoft Teams and secure file sharing in Microsoft Teams. This extended product offers these features in addition to the protection previously available for Exchange Online and OneDrive. The solution not only continues to protect inboxes from malicious phishing emails, but also ensures that only secure and trusted files can access SharePoint Online, so that IT security administrators can define the scope of sites for analyze. To help companies achieve remote security and collaboration, Kaspersky has extended the free trial version of the product for 180 days.


Kaspersky’s research found that 186 million malicious spam targeted corporate users in 2019. That was 54 million more attacks than in 2018. One of the most effective phishing techniques in 2019 was email. electronic, disguised as push notifications from legitimate services like Microsoft Outlook. The emails asked users to authorize services that receive credentials from corporate email users that could be used when an organization was attacked.


The recent update offers enhanced anti-phishing features with a special anti-phishing feature. This protects corporate users from targeted phishing emails that appear to be sent on behalf of colleagues or contractors, but actually use fake domain names. The new functionality also enables customers to create a trusted corporate email list and outsourcing domains so that the product can better identify malicious emails sent from a fake domain.


To reduce the threat of other threats, Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 provides enhanced protection for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams and secures all collaboration and messaging channels in Microsoft Office 365. This means that even if a malicious file is found at one point End User and User Access The employee tries to share it with colleagues through chats or team channels. Where to buy kaspersky internet security please visit,all kinds of security software online on sale .


With this enhanced protection, customers can now be assured that malware is not downloaded to SharePoint Online. The product detects a malicious file by immediately scanning each downloaded file, quarantining it, and providing the IT security officer with the detection report and dashboard statistics. In addition, administrators can manage and adjust the scope of SharePoint enterprise site scanning to protect only selected sites or all at the same time.

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