Covid-19 Pandemic and what’s next? Don’t forget Your RV Roof Needs and Protection Too…!!

RV roof maintenance is the part and parcel of RV ownership but unfortunately it is overlooked by RV owners. Most RV damage is due to the result of roof leaks resulting in thousands of dollars spend in repairs. In fact keeping a RV safe entails performing routine inspections and performing repairs two or three times a year. A through RV inspection includes:

  • Inspection of seals and caulk around vents and other units that are installed on the roof
  • Cracks or missing pieces of caulking or sealant
  • Any tears, puncture or holes that are needed to be repaired.
  • Whether to perform minor repairs or apply a full coat covering the entire RV.

What Sealants to use…?

Most RV owners prefer to use Dicor lap sealant or Eternabond tape to perform regular repairs or maintenance but there are also some other better products available on the market like RV Roof Magic which can easily repair a tear, punctures and leaks as well. Whatever product you use make sure it is compatible to use on your RV roof surface and does not void its warranty. Mostly roof sealants are made up from synthetic rubber or acrylic formulas and can be applied over different roof materials.

Composition of various RV Roof Coatings:

  • EPDM rubber/TPO rubber coatings
  • Silicone and Acrylic (for caulks and seam sealants)
  • Elastomeric coatings (an elasticized EPDM product)

Covid-19 Safety Alert:” if you are travelling in the RV during this corona pandemic then you may have to stop less often for food or bathroom breaks. Because stopping more may put you and those with you in the RV in close contact with others which may be not safe.”

Amid covid-19 pandemic Your RV roof needs protection too:

Having knowledge regarding different RV roof sealants helps you to choose properly and the right product. When choosing a product review the testimonials and cross check with the people in RV community around you so don’t hesitate to reach out. Also you can extend the life of your roof sealant and RV by keeping them under storage. Keep the roof sealants in covered space or a climate-controlled garage for the best possible protection. If RV storage is expensive for you, make use of an RV cover when the RV is parked or not under use for extended period of time.

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