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Factors to Pay Attention to When Looking for a Flat in Mumbai

Mumbai; the city of dreams, is probably one of those cities in India where almost every Indian wants to own a living space. Being the financial capital of the country, it provides livelihood to almost 20 million people; hence, finding accommodation here is quite difficult. However, with the emergence of new projects and development of neighborhoods, there are opportunities for people looking to buy/rent a place in this city.

There are some things that you must look upon whenever you’re looking to buy a property in Mumbai. Let it be one of the luxury flats in south Mumbai or some average residential studio. These are the factors that you should care for:

Ease of Commutation:

One of the key factors that you have to check before buying any property is the ease of access. Confirm if there is any direct approach of public conveyance not. You must be aware about the traffic conditions in Mumbai. Therefore, before selecting any apartment or flat for buying, make sure it is easily accessible from your workplace. Furthermore, it should also be located near to many facilities that one frequently requires. 

Proper Water Supply:

Water is one of the biggest issues that Mumbians have to face. As per a recent survey by Hindustan Times; 75% of the people living in Mumbai have to deal with water problems on a regular basis. So, before buying any flat or apartment do a detailed inquiry about the water supply in that specific area. However, if you are going to buy an apartment in Piramal Mahalaxmi, you can be tension-free as water is abundant there. It is one of the most anticipated projects in the city that guarantees a premium lifestyle. 


The location of a property plays a vital role in determining its price. Before buying any flat or apartment do compare the price in the local market to ensure you’re not overpaying. The flats or apartments on lower floors and facing parks are usually high priced.


Many people are shocked on knowing that property prices in Mumbai are at par with those in New York City. Therefore, before you decide to buy any place in Mumbai, do research about its price. Make a point to compare its price on various platforms to ensure that you are buying at the cheapest price.


Privacy is another issue that people living in Mumbai face. Living in an overcrowded city has both pros & cons. Unfortunately, privacy is one of the cons here that you need to deal with. Most of the living spaces in Mumbai are so closely built that privacy seems like an impossible thing. If you are a people’s person then this unexpected interference might not bother you. But if you prefer solitude or need complete silence for studying then it can be a mess for you.

Safety & Security:

Safety and security are two factors that hold vital importance. Whenever you plan on buying a property, make sure you are keeping them into consideration. Before you buy any flat or apartment, do check out its safety exits. Try to avoid buying any flat near intersections or busy streets as they are more prone to theft and floods.

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