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Mitigating the challenges for students and expanding the horizon of educational opportunities – this is what drives us at Wisdom Overseas. Rendering end-to-end services for medicine and engineering aspirants, Wisdom Overseas strives to provide students with comprehensive guidance and assistance. As the students take the next big leap in their career, we seek to become the guiding force so that every student succeeds.


Our association with leading institutions across the globe allows us to help students find the best place to fulfill their potential. Having counseled thousands of students till date, Wisdom Overseas has been part of the success stories of many.


Why Wisdom Overseas?


  • High quality global education at affordable cost
  • Professional guidance at every step
  • Teaching methods inclusive of cutting-edge 3D stimulation technology
  • End-to-end service management, starting from application to convocation
  • An advanced curriculum for promoting world standard practices
  • Materials and guidance for United States Medical Licensing Examination


Wisdom Overseas at Southwestern University


Wisdom Overseas takes pride in being the only All India Official Partner with Southwestern University, a reputed institution in Cebu City, Philippines.


Being founded in 1946, this university is home to intellectual rigour and advanced practices. Attracting top talents from different parts of the globe, this institution fosters the art of solving complex problems while promoting meticulous research.


What Southwestern University truly believes in is creating global citizens who are able to address problems from multiple perspectives with relevant education and skills. They take pride in offering courses in various disciplines such as Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities.



Our Founder

Streamlining the admission process for students and making quality medicine education affordable – this is the motto with which Wisdom Overseas started its journey. Ravikanth Thummala, the founder of Wisdom Overseas, continues to be knowledgeable and accessible so that no student leaves with a question unanswered.




Wisdom Overseas takes pride in being the only All India Official Partner with Southwestern University, a reputed institution in Cebu City, Philippines.


Low cost of studying:


  • To study MBBS in any Indian Medical University, we must need admission, and if we want to seek access in India for MBBS Study, parents have to pay an immense amount of donation or capitation fee apart from the yearly tuition fee. In we prefer the “Philippines” for the MBBS study, we do not have to pay Donation

or Capitation fees. Even the tuition fee is also meager when compared to Indian private colleges.



WHO & MCI recognized University:


  • If a University wants to get approved by the “World Health Organization (WHO),” The University must have to follow its standard norms Suggested by WHO.


  • The Medical University has to make their students do the following activities to recognize by WHO, the monitor health status of patients, investigate health hazards, inform and educate the public, mobilize community partnerships, develop policies to support health goals, enforce laws and regulations, ensure a competent, and become skilled health workforce.


  • “The Medical Council of India (MCI)” is an authority for Initiating Uniform and Extreme High standards of medical education for all the Universities in India and Abroad for Indian Students.


  • If a University wants to get recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India), the University has to fulfill all the norms stipulated to satisfy MCI Inspection done on the University.


  • During Inspection, the MCI team will check whether Medical University has highly experienced faculty, Top-class facilities, and World-class Infrastructure.


  • Our “Southwestern University” in the “Philippines” has recognized by WHO & MCI.




  • Education Loan Facilities for MBBS:



  • About Education Loan:


  • The Idea behind the Education loan is to fill up the finance gap up to the completion of MBBS study in Abroad. After that, the loan amount will be deducted in the form of EMI by the students.


“ Wisdom Overseas” Support in getting a loan:


  • Have you been dreaming of Study Abroad? If yes, it requires getting an Education loan to fill up the gap of available finance and the needed funds. “Wisdom Overseas” will be with you in guiding to get an Education Loan to study MBBS in the Philippines.




Scholarships for impeccable students:



  • Getting a full scholarship can be challenging as it is an utterly competitive line. But if you have a perfect educational Qualification, then you will be grateful. The Top- Ranked University in the “Philippines” called “Southwestern University,”

providing excellent MBBS education to look for students who have a strong educational background. We at “Wisdom Overseas” Will help you in getting

scholarships for MBBS study in the “Philippines.”



Quality education:



  • Extreme High-quality education is one that offers all students with capabilities they require to become economically productive, acquiring adequate Knowledge, develop Survival livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies, and enhance individual well-being.


  • The “Southwestern” University is ranked as top University in the Philippines, because of immense High-quality education by the modern way of teaching faculty from University.






Outstanding Facilities for Indian students:



  • We at “Wisdom Overseas” have been tying up with the “Southwestern” university and bring students to the University around multiple states from India.


  • Mof the Indian parents and their children trusted us.


  • “Wisdom Overseas” has been providing Individual facilities to the Indian


students at University in the Philippines like Pre-admission, Travel & Orientation, Post admission, four near hostels only for Indian students with South Indian food, Ac Hostel, Hot water, Free Wi-Fi, Free Electricity, Unlimited Indian Food, Home feel Environment and International desk for Indian Students within the University for any concerns.


  • We Take Care of students as their parents up to the Completion of their MBBS Study in the Philippines.




English speaking country:



  • Before choosing MBBS Abroad, we must have clarity about the Country, whether we can interact with faculty as well as other people in the University with our English Communication to survive as a Medical student.


  • As most of the people do not know the fact about Medical Universities abroad, most of the University faculties and the students have been using their local language for teaching and also interacting with other students. Here, Indians will have to face huge problems with an unknown language.



  • We at, “wisdom overseas” brings a boon, one of the Top-ranked university “Southwestern University” in the “Philippines” to Indian students those who have been dreaming of studying MBBS abroad “without any Communication problem.” Philippines people mostly can communicate in English only, which is favorable for Indian students.




Similar weather to India:



  • If we want to study MBBS abroad, do you think only quality education, food, hostel, communication are enough? We at, “wisdom overseas” saying only the

above facilities are not enough, we also must have to concentrate on the weather conditions of the Country.

  • If the weather condition is not suitable for our Indian students, we might be in an unhealthy situation, and then there is no use of all the above facilities, right? Most of the Country’s weather condition is too cold at which Indians can’t be able to survive.
  • The founder of “Wisdom overseas” “Mr. Ravikanth Thummala” has been researched a lot about the Top-Ranked University with sustainable weather conditions among all the Countries, and he has founded the significant country called “Philippines” at which Indian Students can survive easily as like India to finish their MBBS study.

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