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Common Concerns Regarding Your Child Dental Problems

Of course, each of you has a dream of raising your child healthy. The health of a small person consists of many components and one of them is the health of the oral cavity. As you know, healthy teeth are the key to high-quality chewing and digestion of food, the correct formation of pronunciation, as well as good mood and high self-esteem of the child. 

Although sweets cannot only increase the tooth problems in children but they also contribute significantly to tooth decay. Children have many other dental problems that can be caused by sucking their thumb or pushing their tongue too often, sucking their lips and losing their teeth early. Many dentists are well aware of such problems and provide respective solutions to them. For example, the children dentist Canberra treat dental problems and provide precautionary measures for further. 

So, find out what common problems let children suffer. Well, this write-up will explain the common concerns regarding children’s dental. So, let’s have a look.

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Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth?

Common Problems With Teeth in Children and Their Solution

  • Tooth Decay Caused by a Baby Bottle
  • Thumb sucking
  • Early Tooth Loss
  • Grinding
  • Teeth Discoloration Due to Improper Hygiene
  • Bad Bite

Wrapping Up!

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth?

Healthy habits start at home. Maintaining a better hygiene regimen for children is essential. The best way to teach proper oral hygiene is to follow it yourself and be a role model for your child. If you take your child to the dentist from the very beginning, this will help him maintain good oral hygiene in the future. The decay of teeth can begin at any time after the appearance of the first tooth in the child’s mouth. Even though the teeth fall out in the first days of a child’s life, they play an important role in helping them to chew food and get the most nutrition from them. Teeth also play an important role in the development of correct speech. In addition, a beautiful and healthy smile with sparkling teeth is always a compliment.

Common Problems With Teeth in Children and Their Solution

Although dental problems in children will bother you as a parent, these difficulties are treatable and can be easily prevented with little attention on your part. Let’s look at the most common dental problems children face and how to overcome them.

Tooth Decay Caused by a Baby Bottle

A common cause of tooth problems in infants and toddlers is baby bottles. It is also known as baby carriers as they are caused by prolonged exposure to sugary drinks. Bacteria present in the mouth of children thrive on sugar and cause tooth decay. If the baby is sleeping with sip milk, it may be susceptible to caries. Progressive tooth decay can also impede the growth of permanent teeth, leading to overcrowding or misalignment of teeth.


  • Do not give your child sugary drinks or milk as a comforter during the day. It would be good if you offer him/her a dummy or plain drinking water.
  • It is advisable not to immerse your baby’s bottles in any sweet objects such as honey or sugar.
  • Do not put your baby to sleep with any sweet drink. 
  • Do not forget to remove the bottle from the baby’s mouth when he/she falls asleep.
  • Do not offer your child more than the recommended diet.
  • Consult your pediatrician about your baby’s fluoride needs.

Thumb sucking

Sucking the thumb in children is associated with their sense of security and comfort and is a natural process in their developmental stages. Sucking your thumb is not a problem until the permanent teeth begin to grow. If children continue to suck on their thumb, they may get displaced teeth when their permanent teeth are growing. This can affect their speech or bite, along with other problems.


Sucking the thumb does not affect children’s oral hygiene until their permanent teeth begin to appear. The decision to refuse finger sucking should be made only by children. However, you adults can help them in this process. The use of force while scaring away children from sucking a finger can have a negative effect on them. It would be advisable to adopt a reward mechanism when sucking a finger. If your child sucks a thumb, then politely ask him to give up this habit. Some children suck the thumb due to stress, anxiety, or any other problem that bothers him. If you worried about your children, then consult a dentist.

Early Tooth Loss

The cause of premature tooth loss in a child may be tooth decay, trauma or even the lack of sufficient space for the jaw. In case of early tooth loss, a nearby tooth may become sharpened or dislodged, leaving very little space for a new permanent tooth. When a permanent tooth erupts due to lack of space, it may bend. A crooked tooth causes many other problems. Besides interfering with the proper development of speech, it can also cause problems with chewing and temporomandibular joint.


You can take your child to the dentist to get a space maintainers for him. This will help in case of early tooth loss. The space maintainer is made of plastic or metal and holds the space left open by the lost tooth. As soon as a new permanent tooth begins to appear, the dentist will remove the attendant.


This involuntary habit is observed in most children and toddlers. Children can grit their teeth or grit their teeth due to some discomfort in their jaws when their original teeth start to appear. However, children stop doing this after their teeth have developed. But some children may continue to gnash their teeth and run the risk of destroying tooth enamels. This can lead to tooth decay or even to a sensitive tooth.


If your children have a habit of clenching his teeth, then make them wear mouth-guards while they are sleeping. This will help them limit this habit, and they will eventually give up this habit.

Teeth Discoloration Due to Improper Hygiene

Dental discoloration is also a common dental problem that most children face. You must have seen uniformly yellowish shades of teeth or white and brown spots on your child’s tooth surface. This may be caused in the first place due to improper combing and improper brushing of the mouth after each meal.


Make your children use a good brush. Ask them to follow the correct brushing regimen to help them get rid of the yellow stains on his teeth. It is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day, preferably once in the morning and again after lunch. For example, services of the teeth whitening in Canberra is available at all-inclusive prices.

Bad Bite

Bad bite is also known as Malocclusion. It is a condition in which the teeth are crowded, crooked or out of alignment or the jaws do not meet properly. This may become noticeable within the ages of 6 and 12 when a child’s strong and original teeth are coming in. 


The only solution to this problem to treat them properly. Otherwise, a bad bite can make it difficult to keep teeth and gums clean, especially from where the teeth are crooked or crowded. And, if not treated on time, then it can increase the risk for cavities and gum disease.

Wrapping Up

Children love to learn new things. Therefore, it would be good if you teach them how to brush their teeth and observe the rules of oral hygiene. The habits that they acquire will remain with them throughout their lives. By taking your child for regular dental check-ups, you can also prevent many of these dental problems.

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