What is Breast Cancer Screening? 

Breast cancer screening can be simplified as the medical checkup of women breasts for cancer before any signs or symptoms of cancer. This is checked with the help of a chart as it is different for different age groups.

The point to be focused on is that the screening cannot prevent cancer from happening but can warn much before so that the appropriate steps could be taken. All women should know about the screening from their doctors.


There are various recommendations for the screening on how doctors can help avoid the big disease to come in. For the women in the age group of 50 to 74 years and whose risk is average for breast cancer should consider mammogram every two years.

Women in the age group of 40 to 49 should talk to their doctors about the time interval of the mammogram or when to start going for it. Women should check the risks involved in the process if they think of getting a mammogram done before the age of 50.


You can get yourself screened in a hospital or a doctor’s clinic. Always go for the best you can. Check the experience and record of the doctor. Small errors can cause you trouble, both financially and mentally.

Dr. Vikas Goswami reviews that what a mammogram is, it is an x-ray of the breast. They are excellent in finding breast cancer early when it is easy to cure and less deadly. A mammogram is the best possible way to keep a check on your body and preventing the disease from getting bigger.


Another process for finding out about the cancer is through MRI. MRI uses radio waves and magnets for the detection of the cancer cells. It is used with the mammogram for the women who are at a much greater risk of getting breast cancer.


Another one is the clinical exam in which a doctor or a nurse examines the breasts on their own and check for changes.


Women should also be enlightened about this serious disease. They should check the general symptoms such as pain, changes in size, etc. On their own. Self-awareness is the key to k ow this disease before it is too late. If you are suspicious about anything, you should always talk to your doctor and go for the exam.


Screening is an effective method to find out about cancer in the early stages. It helps the person to get prepared for the oncoming battle. 

If you look at the cons of the screening, then it could be false reports, which may lead to panicking among you and your family. Also, when you get false reports, some tests will be conducted, which will drain you mentally and financially. 


Mammograms can also miss some cancer, which leads to the spreading of the disease and not getting the treatment at the proper time. These tests can also lead to over treatment of the disease. If they find any small bit of cancer that may have been cured on its own, they will try to operate it by either ray or removing that part by operating. 

This is known as overdiagnosis. These were some of the cons of breast screening tests. But after looking at both pros and cons of the tests. The risk is worth taking. These screening tests are the only way right now to get a notification before the situation getting worse. 


Every woman should be enlightened about breast cancer and the screening tests.


  • Lifelong nuns who never had any child are at risk than other women of dying of breast cancer. So if you are a mother, then you have fewer chances of having breast cancer. 
  • Not only humans but also animals suffer from breast cancer. It’s more dangerous in cats as compared to dogs.
  • There were many ancient remedies used for the treatment which people think worked. Like insect feces, dung, etc.
  • The first recorded case of vasectomy is over 1500 years old from China.
  • Not only women but also men can get breast cancer, although the rate is very low.
  • It is shown from reports that the left breast is more vulnerable to cancer than the right one.
  • 1 of 8 women today is diagnosed with breast cancer, which is better than older ratios.


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