According to Byron “wine comforts the sad, rejuvenates the old, inspires the young and relieves the depressed from the weight of their worries”. But in the light of recent studies, for many Indian people, wine is also a vector of strong values, including sharing, tradition, conviviality, authenticity and even heritage. For all these reasons, this sweet drink conquers more than 35 million consumers every year. Often consumed at the table to accompany a dish or simply a good time, the wine is also widely consumed in restaurants and traditional bars. But in recent years, we have seen the development of a new trend that puts wine in the spotlight. This is the appearance of themed bars which attract customers looking for originality. These establishments offer their customers the knowledge of a true wine merchant as well as the talents of a good restaurateur. Thanks to a wide variety of products, it becomes possible to taste two, three or four different wines during a meal and to choose from menus sometimes offering up to two hundred different wines.

A true alternative to traditional bars and restaurants, themed bars adapt brilliantly to the transformation of Indian consumption habits. Novelty, originality and conviviality appear as their charms.

“The profession has evolved with the crisis, and the number of traditional bars continues to decrease”.

Do you have an idea for an innovative concept and want to implement it? Are you passionate about wine and wanted to transmit this passion to your customers? Do you know how to highlight your products to arouse greed and curiosity? Are you convinced of the need to breathe new life into this type of establishment? So stop getting lost in guesswork. You have the ideal profile to become manager of a wine bar!

Let us work together to achieve your ambitions!

Do you have a great business sense and strong interpersonal skills? Do you know how to listen to your customers to offer them the most suitable service? Are you creative? Do you have real talent for finding the wine that will delight your customers? So start building the foundations of your ambitions with our Step by Step guide and our Theme Bar / Wine Bar business plan model.

Don’t hesitate any longer … Your ideas are your main resource !


The opening of a wine bar must be the subject of an important phase of reflection. Following a real methodology is also essential. Otherwise, you risk ending your activity very early like many other budding connoisseurs. Isn’t that your goal? So ask yourself the right questions:

  • Are you really motivated to open your own wine bar?
  • Do you really have the skills to manage this type of business?
  • Is your personal life in line with your professional goals?


Take the time to imagine your wine bar. Mature your idea and challenge it. At the end of this phase, you will greatly increase your chances of opening a trendy and frequented wine bar. Let your passion express itself and transform your organization into a showcase of your expertise. Ask yourself. Put on your client costume. Ask yourself what could lead them to your wine bar:

  • The quality of your product selection?
  • The novelty of your concept?
  • Accessible prices?

You can also differentiate yourself by specialized services or by new choices. So, you could choose not to offer cards in order to create a real relationship of trust between you and the client. You could also opt for a wine list which, each week, would highlight wines of a particular origin. The only limit is your imagination so do not put any proposal aside. Your only imperative? Be able to offer the client an original, new and inspiring concept in order to stand out from the competition! “There is no creation without trial”. So play as a team. To support you effectively in the study of your project, our experts have developed for you a tool capable of carrying out a relevant and detailed diagnosis of your project. Business plan Theme bar – Wine bar ! You will be able to design with great finesse the strengths and weaknesses of your project.


You will need to focus your analysis on the wine and theme bars sector. If another aspect seems important to you, do not hesitate to extend your field of study. Conducting such an analysis will allow you to confirm the important points of your project. Thanks to it, you will keep an alert eye on the state of your competition as well as your potential opportunities. In addition, you will quickly be able to establish a portrait of your target clientele and identify the main expectations. In conclusion, based on this analysis, you will finalize your choice to create your wine bar! By compiling each result of your market study, you will specify your offer, your price positioning and your prospect conversion strategy. In order to bring body to your study, take the initiative to go to the field. It is a crucial phase . It will allow you to get to know your customers. List their expectations and take their comments into account. You will identify valuable areas for improvement:

  • Increase your presence on the Internet?
  • Increase your communication?
  • Choice of wines?
  • Plan entertainment?
  • How to work your products?

By following this approach, you will define the ideal profile of your clientele:

  • Social-professional categories
  • Customer expectations
  • Average time spent in your establishment
  • Medium budget


At this point, you have consolidated your market research. All of the results of your study have been thoroughly reviewed. It is now high time to go in search of a location for your future wine bar. Always keep in mind the three essential rules of trade. First, the location. Then the location. Finally … the location. You will understand, this data is just as important as the services offered to your future customers.

So, in order to guarantee the achievement of your objectives , you will need to consider all the parameters that will influence your activity:

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  • A location on the outskirts or in the city center?
  • A home or professional installation?
  • Will you have the minimum space necessary to accommodate your customers and employees?
  • Is the place well served?

In addition, getting advice from other industry professionals can be of great help. It’s a safe bet that you will get crucial information for your debut.


Little by little, your design takes shape and its potential for success is evident. But it is not yet time to rest! In this adventure, you will certainly need a financial partner. This is why it is essential to rally your banker to your cause. So put the odds in your favor from the start. Your essential business plan Wine bar – Theme bar will offer you all the necessary seating for this face to face meeting.

On the basis of this document, you will be able to bring something concrete to your project and remember each step. After careful reading, your banker will have no choice but to follow you and accompany you. However, to encourage this dialogue, it is necessary to speak in the language of your interlocutor, namely your banker. This is why your Theme Bar / Wine Bar business plan is accompanied by essential financial tables:

  • The provisional income statement
  • The forecast balance sheet
  • The financing plan
  • Cash budget

Of course, nothing will prevent you from including other indicators if they prove to be relevant. With this information, your banker will get an idea of ​​the seriousness of your project and will trust you. In order to be by your side for this founding step, we are offering a theme bar / wine bar business plan model produced by our team of experienced experts. It has already proven itself with hundreds of entrepreneurs like you! Don’t have a business plan yet? Quickly consult our business plan Theme bar – Wine bar to effectively establish your project!


The choice of the legal status of your activity really materializes your creation project. Please note that each status has its particularities. From your choice will flow the financial and legal responsibilities that weigh on you and your partners if applicable. You will also have to establish the distribution of capital between the different partners. Finally, you will need to define the tax and social security regime for your Theme Bar – Wine Bar license in India. Here are the statutes that may suit your activity:

The micro-entrepreneur regime: it is a sole proprietorship registered in the Trade Directory or in the Trade and Companies Register. This scheme allows you to benefit from a simplified social scheme; the micro-social. Liability is unlimited. This status has several advantages, including simplicity. Tax and social security contributions are only paid once the turnover has been achieved. Social security contributions are calculated on the basis of turnover and not profit. However, turnover ceilings must be respected.


Write your statutes

The drafting of the statutes constitutes an important phase in the creation of your company. This legal act governs all the rules relating to the life of the company. It will notably define the decision-making methods, the governance rules or even the extent of the powers of the directors.

Proceed to the appointment of the officer

Whether the company has only one or more managers, the information about them must appear in the M0 form.

In addition, the directors must signify their acceptance by signing the deed of name preceded by the mention “good for acceptance of the functions of” manager or president, for example. In addition, the identity of the chief executives must appear on the notice of incorporation published in the newspaper of legal announcements. Finally, each officer must sign a declaration on the honor of non-conviction.

Publish your legal notice

This formality is a compulsory step in the constitution of a company. It must contain a certain number of compulsory notices which vary according to the legal form. However, certain terms are common. So :

  • Corporate name
  • Legal form
  • Amount of share capital
  • Registered Address
  • Social object
  • Duration of the company
  • Identity of leaders
  • Identity of the RCS which registered the company


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