How Podcast Changing Journalism?

In 20s Journalism is the field that is facing job cuts, less attention where podcast podcasts are finding new audiences with their mix of news, commentary, and personal stories. 

Is Podcast the Future of Journalism?

According to reports, podcasts have more engagement than any other form of content. You can listen to your favorite podcast even when you’re working, driving or while walking. 

This makes podcasts different than any other form of content. Nowadays people prefer more video over text and those days are not so far when podcasts will overtake video content. 

With Podcast journalists have an opportunity to tell a story via audio media and reach a new growing audience. Now which is not possible with old journalism. Another best thing about Podcasts is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce. 

Today you can find and listen to any type of journalism whether it’s general journalism or video game journalism, everything you can find in audio format.  

Podcasting is changing journalism

You can notice New podcasts are arriving daily, and there are many platforms available for podcasters to publish their content for free such as an, speakers, etc. 

So what can we conclude with this? 

Why are podcasts getting hype? Why did more and more platforms start offering a free platform for podcasters? 

Now to enhance the podcast experience, many significant developments have happened. 

First, application for producing and listening has become a lot simpler to use.

Secondly, the move to online media consumption in all areas has made the idea of online audio more accessible.

Thirdly, most recently, more prominent media outlets have started podcasting and even more importantly promoting podcasting, 

With all that being said, podcasts will continue to grow in the future. I heard the expert’s interviews where experts quoted something like only a small percentage of the U.S. public knows what a podcast is. So there is a big untapped market out there.

How to develop a podcast network

If you compare old-school broadcast TV networks with podcast then podcast network is quite similar. Broadcast TV is a collection of shows that are cross-promoted, and they share overhead costs among other things. 

Whereas podcast network is a collection of podcasts that makes cross-promotion easier with less overhead cost and other things.


Why is a podcast network essential to build? 

If your listeners are not able to find you, then all your hard work is wasted. To make your podcast easier to find, One way you can make it easier is by making a podcast network. This can be done through cross-promotion. But with the tools that are currently available, it is not possible. 

Then how to grow the podcast network?

Developing a podcast network has a human phase and technical phase. 

On the human side, you need to seek other related podcast channels and approach them to be a guest on their podcast. Keep contacting new channels so that you can introduce yourself to a new audience and increase your awareness. 

Before approaching or creating your podcast network have a full proof plan how to pitch and why those other podcasters should join you. 

Help them understand what’s in it for them with things like revenue and cost-sharing, cross-promotion, etc.

On the technical side, you need to take care of audio, editing, sound quality, etc. Everything needs to be taken care of on the technical side. Your podcast must sound like a professional, and the quality of everything you do should be well optimized according to your listeners. 

Keep your eyes on the analytics of your podcast. Collect all the data from the analytics and must be able to take action accordingly

At the end:

The podcast is in a growing phase. The whole journalism is taking a sharp shift from the old form of journalism to the podcast. If you could take advantage of the fast mover, then nothing could be better than then the first mover.


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