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Web Trends We Will See in 2020

Trends in technology changes almost every year, be it in the web application development services or mobile app development. One year one technology is trendy, the other year something else. 

A web app owner has to match up with the changing trends, mainly for two reasons: to sustain the everlasting competitions and to enhance their knowledge. 

To challenge your competitors, you have to follow up with the trends. The fresher your web app looks, the better you’ll be able to engage your audience.

Users just want anything that they have not seen before, SO if you can cultivate fresh ideas into your web application, and become the first one to bring forth a new trend. 

If needed, take help from a web application development company and turn the idea into technology. Add the latest web app trends into your project and make your stand in the highly competitive market. 

Let’s move ahead, and look at some absolutely amazing trends that are to follow this year:


Progressive web applications are one of the most impactful trends in the web development industry. It boosts the world-wide-web functioning and enhances website browsing experience by giving it a more native application look. 

In simpler words, a PWA is a website that offers the functionality of a native application. 

According to a recent study, there is a severe gap between the usage of mobile browsers and mobile applications. To be exact, users spend more than 80% of their overall time on apps. 

The difference is enormous, and PWA applications can change the situation for the better. This can be done by troubleshooting to resolve issues that bother the user most like no offline access, slowness, and poor experience.

Some recognized companies that have already built a PWA and are enjoying its benefits: 

  1. Forbes
  2. Twitter
  3. The Washington Post
  4. Virgin America
  5. Alibaba


Responsive websites are relatively an older trend in comparison to PWA and AMP (Next Up!) but are still a bang on in the market. 

The only difference that time made with this trend is that years ago, it was a feature that was considered a good catch, now it has become a feature that your web app must-have. 

Adding to that, Google has planned to add mobile-first indexing. Thus the ranking of your web app will depend mainly on how well it’s optimized for mobiles.


The world became known to AMP, thanks to Google. The company took some serious steps to boost the mobile browsing experience. The company first introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2005, and with time it has now grown to become one of the latest trends of web technologies. 

The AMP is designed to build up websites that work smoothly on every platform and download instantly. If we compare AMP to Non-AMP websites, the page loading time in AMP is reduced by 20 seconds. An AMP website takes about 2 seconds to load, while a non-AMP site takes around 22 seconds. 

Google’s love for fast websites makes the technology highly visible and contributes to higher SERP positions. This means that an AMP web app is also SEO friendly. 


This trend is not something that you can ignore. It has had a significant impact on the web, and the most exciting thing is, there is much more to come. 

According to a study by Gartner, around 30% of all searches will be facilitated through voice commands in 2020. 

That means people will not need screens to use applications. 

The best example of how popular voice search is is the use in the number of smart speakers that is increasing rapidly with time. 

An article by Active suggests that there will be around 21.4 million of smart speakers only in the US by 2020. 

By 2022, the voice command sales in the UK and the US will grow dramatically to reach $5 billion and $40 billion, respectively. 

Analyzing the market situation and the studies conducted to understand the growing need for Voice search optimization, it has become evident that this trend can not be ignored at any cost. 

It would be best if you implied this trend into your SEO and tech strategy, as soon as possible. 

If needed, take help and implement the awesome trend into your web app with a web application development company, before anyone else does. 

This will give your web application a high kick-off. All these trends are prevalent and will continue to be super popular, even in the coming times. So it’s better if you avail web application development services of any organization and get started with adopting all these trends into your web application.

The quicker you are, the better you’ll be. Users appreciate any application that brings them something new or is up to date. Try to be that and get rolling in the market.

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