7 Essential Tips for Social Media Marketing

Whether you have just embarked on your entrepreneurial voyage or you are simply searching to venture into new channels of marketing, you may be confused about how to design a social media marketing plan which will boost your e-commerce business.

It is very well-known that the social media is a channel of marketing, which several e-commerce stores have used already to boost the growth of their e-commerce business. E-commerce stores have discovered how to promote their business via social media.

Here are some essential social media tips to boost traffic to your website:

Add Links to Active Profiles

The first tip is to add links to your website. Have you checked out lately the social links on your website? In case, you are not actively using all the social networks linking to your website; you are missing out on opportunities to connect with audiences on other channels.

Add Links to Other Social Profiles

Social media channels such as YouTube permit you to link to other social media profiles and pages. One can edit or add to such links by going to the ‘About’ tab of your YouTube channel and click on the button of ‘customize channel.’

Once configured, links will appear as social icons overlapping your channel art. When you key in a custom link for your store, the name of your store will appear next to it, setting them apart from your social links. This will offer subscribers and visitors to your YouTube channel the opportunity to visit your store or become fans of other social accounts.

Common User Names for Accounts

One important social media tip is to have a uniform username. Help your fans and customers locate your store easily and realize that it is your company name used from one social network to another in a uniform manner.

Consistent Visual Branding

Apart from uniform usernames, the next step is to design consistent visual branding. Particularly, consider the profile and cover photos. The use of a consistent logo from one account to the next indicates that it is the same brand featuring on all of them, even if company name and usernames vary.

Target Familiar Audience

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Design remarketing ads on the top platforms of social media. Such ads will not only provide you the opportunity of reminding website visitors about the great range of your products but also provide a chance for the users to connect with your store on social media.

LinkedIn and Twitter provide advertising options, which permit you to target your website visitors with ads promoting your products as well as your accounts on all these networks.

Conduct Giveaways

One good tip for social media marketing is to run a giveaway. The reason is it aids you in boosting your audience. For instance, companies like Shopify feature apps, which offer contests and giveaways in which entries include candidates, who follow your channels in social media.

Ambassador Programs

One mode to get people talking about your store on social networks is to set up an ambassador program. For instance, Shopify integrates with many brand ambassador services permitting e-commerce owners the ability to induce people to share their love for the brand with social audiences.

These are some top social media tips to help boost traffic to your website or e-commerce store. A Social Media Marketing Company  can help you to get all this done for you.

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