How to view investment in e-sports industry

A few decades ago, the idea of watching video games instead of actually playing them seemed crazy. Although e-sports events are increasingly popular with audiences such as traditional sports, but because it covers games, entertainment and other nearby markets, some investors are gradually discovering ways to participate. As millions of viewers broadcast live events on platforms such as Twitch, various methods of investing in the eSports industry will continue to emerge. E-sports is related to bringing multiple players together in a competitive gaming environment. Many viewers live or watch the live broadcast until the winner appears. As tickets for various live events on the large stage were sold out, these events became more and more popular and attracted a large audience.

Game developer
The entire ecosystem is constantly evolving due to the input of developers who develop games that attract a larger audience. They ensure that these games remain attractive by introducing some amazing features that are consistent with the latest technological trends. Before investing in the eSports industry, you should research game developers and publishers who have made significant contributions in the industry. Since franchising has become common ground between them, they are critical to your success as an investor. Activision Blizzard is one of such game developers, it caused a stir in the industry in the popular e-sports league. They make money by selling personal games and franchise / publisher fees, advertising, broadcast rights and ticket sales. Investors can make a profit by investing in these game publishers.

Hardware manufacturer
Players and teams always want to upgrade their hardware and peripherals (such as headphones) to stay popular and improve their computer performance. You need to consider the opportunities that this field brings when investing in eSports, because players are always buying new peripherals, including eSports gaming keyboards And mice. A number of hardware manufacturers are collaborating with certain teams, such as the high-quality and popular mouse MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse, to cooperate with them to increase product visibility and meet the needs of the e-sports ecosystem on the one hand.

Streaming media platform
The spectators of e-sports games are not only those who appear in the stadium on the spot, but also spectators who watch e-sports games in real time from different geographic locations. Multiple streaming platforms make it possible, so that fans can comfortably watch their favorite team at home. Huya and Amazon’s Twitch are the most popular esports streaming platforms you can invest in. Millions of people broadcast live on these platforms every day. With the implementation of the new profit strategy, it will bring you huge benefits.

Event Sponsor
When looking for investment in e-sports companies, companies that organize well-known events and championships should be considered. These games provide gamers with opportunities to meet and communicate because they support their favorite teams. WePlay is one of these esports companies, and its entertainment venues and tournament modules are designed to provide fans with an unforgettable experience. Through this channel, you can guarantee a positive return.

How to invest in video games
Video games have been around for decades, and gamers have begun to earn millions of dollars from winning esports competitions. It may take a few months for them to master the rules of the game and become the best game they have won. You don’t have to play these games to make money from it, because other ways to start getting the desired return. In order to get rich returns from popular video games, investing in public stocks and ETFs is your best practice.

Venture capital fund
Venture capital funds are currently investing in eSports, which has huge potential returns. Venture capital companies actively investing in the industry include BITKRAFT and JKR. Companies like JKR are not only focused on eSports, so when you get a considerable return on investment, you can venture into other areas.

Ability to discover and use opportunities to make you an outstanding investor. If you want to achieve positive results, you should not ignore the risks associated with each business, the time factor, and the possibility of achieving investment goals. There is no perfect investment strategy because they all have shortcomings, which is why diversification is important. Whether you are investing in startups or large companies, when you gain relevant experience in the field of e-sports, it will increase your exposure. If you are a newcomer in the e-sports industry now, you can start investing in some hardware equipment first. For example, the mouse and keyboard mentioned above.

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