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How to Improve Google Search Ranking?

If there’s one thing that all businesses who understand the importance of digital marketing, it is ranking as high as possible on Google.

Why is that?

Well, for one ranking high on Google and by high we mean on the first page and among the top few search results means that you can get lots of organic – unpaid – traffic. It really is an ideal way to not only increase brand visibility as well as appeal but also get more customers, revenue, and in turn, profit.

The thing is that when potential consumers search online for any relevant product, service, or information be it a software development service or clothes, they simply click on the first few links that show up because they trust Google and they know that Google will filter out only the best to feature on the first page.

In addition to this, people don’t really have a lot of time to spend searching. Hence, comes the saying that pages that rank on the second page of Google are dead and buried, given that they are seldom seen and clicked on.

What all of this refers to is the need for everyone to rank as high as possible on Google.

Sure, you knew that already. Didn’t you?

And you would also have heard that that improving your Google search ranking is a very challenging task.

However, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of convenient actionable measures after extensive research. You can apply them and get favourable results in a short span of time.

So, without any further ado. Let’s take a look at them.

Analyse the Queries Report

Firstly, you need to get comfortable dealing with data and using it to make logical decisions. This is where Google Analytics comes in. Go the queries by first clicking on acquisition and then search console.

This particular report will depict to you the phrases that you currently rank for, the number of impressions – times searchers saw your website link – you have made through the phrases, the number of website visitors you got from the phrases, and your ranking for the particular phrases, which is also called the average position.

Use a Filter and Sort

Having gone over the phrases you rank for, it’s about time you focus on the ones that you rank high for and on the ones which you can further improve upon. So, sort and keep on looking.

Note that you will find phrases that will include your brand name and those that will be irrelevant. You need to ignore them.

Check Manually

So the phrases that are relevant and that you have shortlisted now need to be checked manually. You need to confirm the rankings yourself because the report shows average position and not the exact rank.

Go back to your website

Once you have noted down the exact rankings, it’s time to check how that phrase was used on your website page and what can be done to improve.

Using that particular phrase, you need to optimize your site even further. This can be done by sprinkling the keyword in the content, using it in the header, and the title tag. Plus, you also need to make sure that the keyword is broken up and used correctly, as it is.

Focus on the Content

Now, you might have heard this a lot of times before as well. But, we’ll go ahead and say it anyway because it is essential. You need to have the content of the highest quality, offering the most valuable information. Also, visual content designed to appeal to humans and offer them value can go a long way in improving your ranking.


There you go – an easy way to improve your Google search ranking. Implement them today. Don’t hesitate to avail the services of a digital marketing agency if you have trouble doing it all on your own.


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