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If there’s anything more satisfying than beach hopping, shopping, or getting yourself an adrenaline fix at one of the amusement parks while you’re in Gold Coast, it would be to explore its laid-back and peaceful neighborhood. One of the easiest ways to familiarise yourself with this magnificent landscape is to get on board one of those sightseeing cruises in the Gold Coast. These cruise lines that ply across the Tweed River offer amazing sightseeing tours between the Gold Coast and the Tweed Coast. From the iconic 100Km stretch of sun, surf, and beaches to the picturesque greens of the subtropical rainforest at Stott’s Island, the cruising experience is an unbeatable offer you cannot resist. 

The Tweed River Cruises typically departs at 9 in the morning on all weekdays from Tweed Marina, River Terrace, Tweed Heads. A 2-hour cruise on the Tweed River includes a stopover at the historical Tumbulgum Village and bird watching at Stott’s Island. The Gold Coast Cruise serves complimentary food to its tourists on board depending upon the time and occasion of the tour. On a 2-hour cruising tour, you may relish your steaming cup of tea or coffee served with delicious cake as you sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape. There are also other sightseeing cruises with interesting lunch options. 

One of the famous destinations on the cruising tour is Tumbulgum Village, an ideal spot for tourists who prefer a dreamy getaway from the hustle and bustle from the metropolis. Breathe in some fresh air in an unnerving experience as you traverse through the changing landscapes–from the city to the suburbs and finally into the cozy lap of Mother Nature.

 Tumbulgum Village is a treasure trove of both historical and environmental riches and promises to amaze anyone who visits the village. Boating and fishing is a joyful preoccupation for the people living in the village and one can always anticipate engaging in water-based activities besides exploring the history and landmarks at Tumbulgum. The Tweed Junction as it was originally called, this riverside village is the meeting place of the Rous and Tweed Rivers. 

If you’re into photography, Tumbulgum has plentiful photogenic sights and subjects you can click away to your heart’s fill. The Tweed River tours are also known for their informative commentaries on the bird species and their feeding habits. The cruise will take you further into the art-like meanders of the Tweed river for a perfect view of the rainforest. Unwind yourself to the subtle sounds of the rainforest and bask in the cool canopies that touch the balmy skies. 

Hands-on heart, a cruise trip along the Tweed River is one of the best things offered by the Gold Coast sightseeing cruises and make sure you experience it at least once in your lifetime!

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