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Home Workouts to Stay Fit during COVID19

Health experts have been suggested not to step out and eat a nutritious meal to boost your immunity. On the one hand, you have to take care of your health, the other hand you cannot step out to walk and jog. It is crucial to keep the body in motion to prevent problems like bloating and acidity at bay. Exercise is more critical for people who have diabetes and heart patients.

Just because you have to stay at home until the lockdown is lifted, it does not mean you cannot perform exercises to keep you fit. If you are a fitness freak or you wish to stay healthy, you can do the following exercises at your home. To perform these exercises, you do not have the equipment.

Staying at home for an extended period can make you torpid and unhealthy. It is paramount to do the workout at home to maintain your overall fitness.

Bridge exercise

The bridge is the best home workout to strengthen your posture. Long-time sitting and lying can cause muscle spasm in your lower back. You do not need anything to perform this exercise but a yoga mat on which you will lie on your back with hands at your side. Then, you will bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the mat. Raise your hips to tighten the muscle of your abdomen and haunches to draw a straight line between your shoulders and knees. Return to the starting position and repeat it for a couple of minutes.

This exercise will strengthen your core and hamstrings. You can smoothly perform this exercise at your home. You can watch YouTube tutorials at the time of performing this exercise.


Yoga is the best way to keep your mood and body light. Since you cannot step out to jog, you would like to do a practical and secure exercise to maintain your health. Senior citizens face difficulty doing squats and bridge exercise, but they can perform yoga steps.

Several yoga steps you can perform at your home to keep your blood pressure and blood sugar level at an average level. You can find details about those yoga steps from the internet. YouTube also has several yoga videos.


It is also an excellent workout to perform at home. This exercise will help you strengthen your core muscles. It is also an excellent exercise to tone your body. Squats are generally recommended to people who want to lose weight off thighs. Apart from this, squats will help you strengthen your bones and joints. It can improve the mobility of your body.

It is crucial that you carefully perform the steps while doing squats. Otherwise, you can put stress on your joints that can increase the risk of injury. Many people make mistakes while doing this exercise. The standard errors they make are starting with knees, not aligning knees with toes, and lifting heels off the ground. Try to learn the squat steps properly by watching YouTube tutorials.

Jumping jacks

Another easy and effective exercise you can do during the lockdown is jumping jacks. It is an excellent exercise to strengthen your heart muscle. It is also useful for keeping your blood pressure and blood glucose level within a healthy range. It can boost your metabolism and keep your heartbeat regular. It also helps you keep stress at bay.

To start with, stand with adjoining legs with slightly bent knees and hands resting on thighs. Keeping the knees bent, open the arms and legs to the side. Take your arms above your shoulders. The distance between your legs should be more than the width of your shoulders.


It is the best exercise to strengthen your upper body muscles. Make sure that you do this exercise with correct steps. However, you should not do it regularly. Otherwise, you will no longer gain the benefits from this workout. If you are not sure about the steps, make sure you watch a video on YouTube.

During the lockdown, you can perform these exercises at home. You don’t need to perform them daily, but twice or thrice a week will be enough to keep your body healthy. You can also perform other exercises that require equipment like treadmill, dumbbells, kettlebells etc. If you are fond of these exercises, you can buy equipment. In case of lack of funds, you can take out personal loans in Ireland.

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