What Does a Gynaecologist Do?

Who is a gynaecologist doctor?

A gynaecologist is a physician who specializes in female reproductive health. More precisely they are treating the medical and surgical issues affecting the reproductive and urological systems of women. As  Ob-Gyn are specialized doctors who work in women’s health care provides a wide range of treatment like obstetrics, or pregnancy and childbirth menstruation, hormone imbalance and fertility issues etc. Women who are pregnant or couple who are planning for have a baby may need to visit gynaecologist as an experienced gynaecologist can guide couples about their health and pregnancy or if in any case, they have any reproductive issue then gynaecologist can guide them properly and as per couples health need gynaecologist can provide treatment as well. That why it is important to visit gynaecologist but remember while visiting a gynaecologist make sure to choose only the best gynaecologist who has at least 8 years of medical study and training in this field.


What medical conditions do gynaecologists treat?


While if you are suffering from any sexual or reproductive issue. It becomes hard for anyone to understand what is normal and what the sign of potential health problem is. That’s why it is important to visit a gynaecologist because a gynaecologist can help women with reproductive system issue. And there some things you need to discuss with a gynaecologist and only a gynaecologist can help you treat these issues.


  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Painful Periods
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Sexual health
  • Vaginal Odor
  • Sexually diseases
  • menstruation Problems
  • sexual dysfunction
  • Lower abdominal pain


What to Expect from Gynaecologist in First Visit


If it’s the first visit of a young woman, she may only have a talk with the doctor, receive some general health details and find out what to expect in the future. But if you are married women as facing difficulty in pregnancy then there are some things you need to remember while visiting a gynaecologist.

A proper detail of your health and lifestyle issues can give gynaecologist a clearer image of your health condition and this will helps gynaecologist to give you the right advice per health factors.

As if you are visiting a gynaecologist for the first time then you may go through gynaecological tests and maybe unpleasant requiring a pap smear, but it is not a painful procedure.

The odour is normal to the body but if it gives you a problem then you need to tell your gynaecologist.

When you have a planned appointment with your gynaecologist and you are having periods then it is best to postpone the appointment with your gynaecologist, unless you have symptoms that need immediate treatment.



A gynaecologist is a doctor who is a reproductive health specialist with years of experience in this field of treatment women who are suffering from any pregnancy-related issue can visit a gynaecologist who any reproductive problem and they might get the right treatment or medication for that issue from a gynaecologist that why it is important to visit a gynaecologist.

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