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Top 5 Features of Honor Latest Smartphones 

Android or IOS, the choice is yours! Wait a minute please. Do you have any idea about the price difference between an Android smartphone such as an Honor model and iPhone model? I am sure you don’t know the price gab because every year, the most innovative manufactures are only focused on the features and the user only looks into these attractive specs in a unique model.

What is cost, they just try to make it manageable. But I will suggest you look at the price factor as well. Suppose you have an option as Huawei Honor 8 Lite and the same category phone from the iPhone side, what you will do. Either go with the expensive Phone gadget by paying an extra amount or you want to get a best-featured phone with almost the same specs at an affordable price. I am sure you all are intelligent enough to decide what you should do in this situation.

A similar situation can be seen while we compare android smartphones with each other considering different brands. While Honor clients are as yet confused whether to pay the significant expense for smartphones like Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy S10 or OnePlus 6T or not? The situation has been changed with the involvement of the Honor brand in the market.

You can get a smartphone which is very reasonable and deserves proper consideration having the latest Honor model, so don’t need to waste your time and money by searching for other brands. You can observe that most of the brands don’t have any concern with the latest chipset, best camera option with advanced selfie plans, and screen display but the Honor brand can cover you all needs considering these items.

How honor brand has made its space in the market with such a little time period is pretty important to explore. I think these 5 advanced features help this brand to grow at such a higher level.

  • Excellent and large screen display
  • Camera with AI technology
  • Maximum internal and external storage space
  • Long run battery life
  • Reasonable price factor

Look at the Honor smartphones and you will see a clear difference considering the special screen display. Honor is providing a large and excellent screen display to cover the need for game lovers and movie addicts. As it is clear in the specifications Honor view 20 which is the latest model providing the 6.8-inch show with bezel-free factors. You will enjoy a special bright element which is not available even in flagship models.

This unique model packs an astounding display with a similar edge: 160.4 x 76.6 x 7.8 mm, option which is much bigger than the previous version. So we can say that the Honor view series cover the 91-percent screen-to-body proportion. I can bet with you all that is one of the most elevated gadgets you’re going to discover on any smartphone at any price.

Along with the other functions, most of the Honor models are manufactured with the Full HD LCD and the same in case of this unique model which is available with 397ppi. If we check out the features in more depth, it’s in reality more “Retina” than the iPhone XR. What do you expect in a smartphone if it belongs to a flagship family? For sure I would say the excellent the camera functions at least with maximum clear objectives. The same is the case while having honor models in the line. You have shockingly contained a decent camera, and the Honor brand just raises the stakes with the following options:

Most of the honor models are manufactured with a double 20MP, f/1.8 focal point matched with a 2MP auxiliary focal point. Also, the latest technology of pop-up selfie camera functions has changed the way you perceive pictures from the front side. That is a great deal of shooting power, however, you cannot get such lavish and innovative functions in other android models lie Samsung and Google. I can make you assure that the Honor model is more than the aggregate of its megapixels. What is the working between Huawei and its sister company Honor is pretty interesting because both are a competitor of each other.

The parent organization Huawei has additionally injected the camera application with artificial intelligence technology. The same formula is applied by the Honor brand in its latest gadget with the magnificent AI smarts options. Now the user can perceive “22 different classifications and 500 conditions continuously” and help settle low-light shots.

Moving towards the internal storage space, most of the honor smartphones are manufactured with a reasonable space. Here we can take the example of Honor 8X which has twice as a lot of storage as the 7X. This is the advancement as you can notice that the former is a previous version. Although the more costly 128GB model ought to have a lot of room but it still less in price as compare to other brands from the same category. For all that you need to do with your latest Honor model, just compare the rates and features and everything will be cleared to you.

Just have a look at the price factor which is hard to negotiate when we go to buy a smartphone from an Apple outlet. I will not say that the IOS system with any iPhone model is less than any Honor smartphone, but I can bet there is a hell of a difference in the price factor. What you will do if you can’t afford a phone?  So this is a suggestion from my side to reconsider your points and check out the quality-price factor with the parallel framework. You cannot get the best features within a low price range, and it’s absolutely wrong. Look at the list of major Honor smartphones and you will find some decent options such as affordable Honor 8C price on the shelf.


This unique brand has made its own way in a very short time period and now giving a tough time to its competitors all over the world.

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