New Age Customer Service Solutions – A Twist To The Norm

Any business in any stage has to be well adept and efficient in dealing with various emerging problems and critical areas. Some companies might have reached the maturity stage while some others would have started a venture.

Efforts in marketing, branding, image-making, fast sales, and product innovations will guarantee a broad customer base and revenue attrition.

Most upcoming in this realm is the domain area of customer care.


With geographical and organic expansions of a business, the role of customers becomes pivotal. Segmenting customers by geographic location, gender, age, likes, earnings, life cycle stage can make this process smooth and simple.

Customers are the reasons for the long term sustenance of the company and thus focused approach in taking care of their needs becomes essential.

With an innumerable number of companies producing similar products rising day by day, it’s straightforward to lose out the share of customers to competitors.

A simple variation in the product price or any other attractive offer can take away loyal customers towards the competitors. By applying novel and benevolent customer servicing practices, this is to avoid.

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Below mentioned are some of the intelligent ways of handling customers:


Establishing a two-way open communication channel with customers is rewarding. The past ways of selling things no longer hold any value as innovations are leading to better customer retention rates.

Using social media channels, along with open and responsive sharing of ideas, will lead to excellent customer satisfaction.

By insightful and crisp communications, customers:

  • Complaints
  • Grievances
  • Ideas
  • Good reviews
  • These will be implemented towards better solutions and product offerings.

These are all ensuring long term customer retention and fulfilment.

Various modes of customer communications would include:

  • Chatbots
  • Robotics
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Customer care 24*7 service phone numbers
  • Customer care centres



The fast-paced emergence of digital services with technological disruptions demands that every process is in practice with precision and lightning-fast speed. The tech-savvy British youths prefer pace in online transactions.

Companies ensuring excellent user interface, fast loading of websites tend to lead the game through higher per page conversions.

In this domain, the responsiveness of the company not only for their grievances but also for their ideas and feedback will ensure they don’t leave their brand.

The time within which a company responds to various customer queries should be very less as per the industry standards.


The packaging, appearance of a product determines its appeal to the prospects as well as existing customers. By indulging in focused image building, branding strategies, old customers will return, and new customers added.

The colour combinations, package size, and shape along with details, enable to create a unique recognition of the company amongst its peers.

It ensures distinction, authenticity, and establishment of a sense of brand belonging for the masses at large.


It is the next big thing in customer servicing services. Bespoke solutions offer in-depth engagement with customers considering their likes, preferences, age, demography, gender, and economic background.

Many e-commerce companies indulge in giving insightful and realistic recommendations in their portal to save customer’s time and energy.

Trying to predict and forecast future customer behaviour based on past purchases is of vital importance here. Tailor-made product offerings are available by using artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and algorithms.

If a person wants to upgrade and automate his business, then it would need lots of funds.

While implementing disruptive technologies and better communication schemes, the whole organisation is considered. For this, the organisation’s staffs are in training along with hardware and software changes for better technology transmissions.

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