How a technician will help when you damage iPhone 7 plus screen?

How many of you have encountered your iPhone 7 plus slipping out of your grasp and falling against the floor, and the notorious cracks start appear on your iPhone 7 plus screen? What you can do is to visit the right mobile repair shop in Melbourne, where iPhone specialists fix your device professionally.

Cracked iPhone Screen

How a Technician assist you in screen replacement?

IPhone 7 plus screen replacement is the most common iPhone repair a technician normally does over the pass few years. First of all, the iPhone specialist will go for the preliminary iPhone inspection, from the iPhone frame to determine the level of damage that the screen has obtained.

Next, they will raising the assembly and open up the iPhone 7 plus for details inspection. subsequently, the technician will use the tools to unplug any FPC connectors to remove the phone power. The technician will be careful in they way they operate, as the battery connector can be breaks in the event removed from the motherboard. They will then disconnect the front panel sensor assembly and separate the broken iPhone screen assembly from the logic board with specific tools.

Then, the technician will then disconnect the sensor assembly without too much force to protect the mother board. To avoid damage, they will add heat that allows the part to become loose and much more easier for removal, finally the underlying connector to the home button will be remove. Once the new replacement screen is cleaned, the iPhone specialist reassembles it all with the same six previously used screws and steps.

Last but not least, the technician will tests your iPhone 7 plus to see if the screen is functioning properly. The iPhone 7 plus screen replacement & repair will finally take place.


Step By Step iPhone Replacement Process:

  • Initial iPhone Inspection
  • Removing Bottom Screws and Screen
  • Disconnecting The Battery
  • Removing Display Assembly
  • Removing Home Button/Touch I.D
  • Remove Earpiece Speaker
  • Remove Front Camera and Sensory Cable
  • Remove LCD Shield Plate
  • Reattaching LCD Shield
  • Re-Installing Home Button/Touch I.D
  • Transplanting the Earpiece Speaker, Front Camera, Sensory Cable and Flex Assemblies
  • Reattach Sensory panel
  • Screen Test
  • Reconnect PCB Connectors
  • Fix The New Screen


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