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Benefits of Being Referral Partner

The # 1 reason Referral Partners work with STAT MedCare, LLC is that EVERYONE needs an experienced professional for their credentialing needs. Whether it’s Provider Enrollment, Medical Licensing, Credentialing, Primary Source Verifications or Annual Monitoring of Expirables, you have the ability to gain a highly experienced subject matter expert to help your organization shine when you partner with STAT MedCare, LLC!

The # 2 reason Referral Partners work with STAT is the ability to earn revenue from the partnership.  That’s right – not only do successful referrals help grow your business, but they also help grow your bank account by adding an additional revenue stream.

Screen Shot 2018 02 22 at 9.20.26 AM | Benefits of Being Referral Partner | STATMedCare Payor and Physician Enrollment and CredentialingBy participating in STAT’s Partner Referral Program, your organization will have access to the knowledge of a national network of senior-level provider enrollment and credentialing experts.

As a participant in this program, your organization will be given marketing tools that you can leverage to drive business to your organization; These tools include blogs, presentations, checklists, whitepapers,   webinars, and more.

So now that you have an understanding of STAT MedCare’s Referral Partnership Program, the following is a list of how you can benefit from a partnership with STAT!

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