5 Reasons Why Customized Training Solutions Are Rising in Value

Gone are the days when training rooms were the only place you could learn. We are stepping into an era where technologies like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G are instigating major transformations. Nowadays, the whole world is your training room, all you need is a smart device or a PC. If you haven’t yet woken up to this reality, then wake up soon. Or, you risk missing out on the great returns from low-cost and high-quality customized training solutions.

The Rising Value of Customized Training Solutions

Customized training solutions that can be run anytime and anywhere (with Internet availability) are in vogue. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to:

  1. Availability of superfast Internet connections that can load up hi-res images, videos and VR simulations with great consistency. Students can open their virtual tutorials whenever they are in the mood to study. No restriction on the time of learning ultimately leads to a better understanding of concepts.
  2. Training modules that include audio, video and virtual reality training solutions engage different human senses. It is scientifically proven that our knowledge retention improves when we assimilate info via different sensory organs. It happens because every sense organ has a distinguished memory location in the brain. E.g. video-based and audio-based information is stored separately.
  3. Quality training solution providers like MPS Interactive can integrate gamification into the modules. The games that are relevant to the training content bring in a sense of competition amongst the trainees. Hence, they become more motivated to learn better, which ultimately leads to improved performance.
  4. Customized training solutions allow for timely evaluation of the employees’ understanding of the concept. For example, the trainees get a questionnaire right after a VR session. Or, they can be asked multiple-choice questions at a later date to check how much they have retained. The scoring metrics can be customized to match the requirements of the process. This can help managers and team leaders to understand the performance of their understudies conveniently.
  5. One of the biggest reason why eLearning is on the rise is that it can be executed on a variety of platforms. To maximize the efficacy and outreach of the customized training solutions, you should make them accessible on Android, Windows and iOS. For this, you should choose the services of an experienced training vendor who has the resources to create bug-free training modules.


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